The year is not devoid of many occasions, between holidays and special occasions; Which requires quick readiness by designing greeting cards, which are given alone or accompanied by an appropriate gift for the event. Therefore, we all need to get a classy greeting card design, to present to acquaintances and friends on various occasions. So, how do you get a unique greeting card design?

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What are greeting cards?

Greeting cards are electronic designs that are offered online or in printed form. To convey sincere feelings of appreciation, gratitude, and love. Greeting cards are commonly used on various occasions, whether you are celebrating a birthday, a special anniversary, graduation, or something else.

Greeting card design can be simple, contemporary, or colorful, depending on its use and the event or occasion for which it is being presented. The design of greeting cards also includes heartfelt messages of encouragement, motivational quotes, or sincere wishes to the reader addressed to them.

Greeting card design elements

The design of the greeting card consists of a group of fixed basic elements, namely:

Greeting card introduction

The top part of a greeting card design can include an image, text, or a combination of both. It is the most important part of a greeting card; It draws attention and expresses the type of card by being funny, serious, playful, or emotional.

personal message

Depending on the occasion, you should add a message related to the event in the middle of the card, such as Merry Christmas or best wishes for the new year, you can also add a part of an expressive poem, quote, or funny phrase. And you have to choose the type of message according to what I explained on the front of the card, and adding a special message makes the card more valuable.

graphics or graphic elements

The greeting card contains some simple and colorful drawings or graphic elements; To make the greeting card design more personalized and related to the event, such as: adding a cake drawing in a birthday greeting card or a country flag in a national event greeting card in the middle of the card, and graphic elements, such as stars, flowers, frames, and celebration ribbon can be added in separate parts of the greeting card design.

the bottom of the card

In the last part of the greeting card, add your personal information, such as your name, signature, and the date the card was given when sending a personal greeting. Whereas, when you send a business-related greeting, you add your company's name, logo, and contact information.

Types of greeting cards design

The design of greeting cards is divided into ten types, according to the type of event or occasion for which the greeting card design is given, and they are:

1. Design birthday cards

It is used to send good wishes to the person who is celebrating his birthday, and the design becomes suitable for writing some phrases of appreciation full of love and happy wishes for this person, and a greeting card design with your name can be added for further personalization.

2. Anniversary greeting cards

These cards are given on the anniversaries of various occasions, and it is a good gesture that the design of the greeting card includes a reminder of the number of years that have passed since this anniversary, such as a wedding anniversary, by mentioning the number of years of marriage in the greeting card, especially if it is a distinguished anniversary such as the silver anniversary of 25 years of marriage Or gold over 50 years.

3. Designing greeting cards for the International Day

People send International Day greeting cards to celebrate various events around the world, specifically companies, and brands that share greeting cards on their social pages and sometimes send them to specific people or companies in emails or hard copies. Such as International Workers' Day, International Teacher's Day, International Earth Day, and even International Coffee Day.

4. Congratulations on the New Year

With the approach of the Islamic or Gregorian New Year, many individuals and companies create greeting card designs for the New Year; To send best wishes to their loved ones, customers, and partners. To spread the wishes for happiness, health, and fulfillment of wishes is an occasion that does not usually pass without designing a greeting card.

5. Designing marriage greeting cards

Wedding greeting cards are sent; To convey your sincere wishes to the couple for a happy marriage and life, the design of the marriage greeting card is filled with flowers and is dominated by soft and calm colors, such as white, and it is usually given with a gift and not sent individually.

6. Greeting cards for Mother's or Father's Day

Sending Mother's or Father's Day greeting cards means expressing your deep appreciation and sincere gratitude to them. And it's not just your parents, it can be sent to your grandfather, grandmother, uncle, or aunt too. From this card, they receive your appreciation and support, as if you are telling them that they are the best parents in the world.

7. Congratulations on your friendship

Specially designed for your friends on the occasion of the anniversary of your friendship, and it becomes more meaningful when you share with them how you feel about them by writing warm and funny messages, noting some of the situations that brought you together and left a good memory and impact on you.

8. Design greeting cards with pictures

This type of greeting card can be applied on various occasions. To show that you care about the person, they are made using pictures that bring you together with the person at different times with some simple decorations and graphics. Or by adding pictures that express public events and occasions, as the essence of the greeting card is based on these pictures that communicate deeper feelings.

9. Holiday greetings

Sharing with your friends greeting cards related to various holidays, such as Eid al-Ffriend'sssssEid al-Adha, means that your joy in these holidays will be completed once you share with them congratulations and good wishes, which strengthens relations adhertheirtheirtheirtheires them closer and friendlier.

10. Designing greeting cards for national occasions

Brands take into account the participation of their customers in different countries with a greeting card on national occasions, and this is a clear appreciation for this country and its residents, such as: sending a greeting card on the National Day, Liberation Day, or Independence Day. It can also include sending greeting cards to a specific state or province, and individuals seek to strengthen their relationship with their foreign friends by sharing greeting cards with them on their national holidays and occasions.

5 of the most prominent programs for designing greeting cards

There are dozens of programs for designing professional greeting cards, most notably:

Adobe Creative Cloud Express (Adobe Spark)

The program is one of the most powerful greeting card design software, as it provides many templates to design greeting cards for different occasions. The program works in online mode only and provides a photo gallery of more than 10 thousand photos, and you can add personal or custom photos for design.

Fotor software

There is a free version of the program, but it has limited services, while the paid version provides a large stock of images and fonts. It also has many features to modify the design of the greeting card, such as: removing the background, blemishes, and wrinkles, and adding filters and various effects.

Greeting Card Studio

A simple greeting card design tool that allows you to create fun, personalized cards with images and text, with a Microsoft Office-like font set and the ability to frame your design. However, the program is not professional, and to extract the design without a watermark, you will pay $ 1.99.

Print Artist Platinum

The program offers a wide range of services related to the design of greeting cards, as it provides a wide range of templates and posters. But it is a paid program and difficult to use by beginners because of its many options, and it provides the ability to share your designs directly on social media, with the addition of sound effects or background music clips.

Greeting Island

It provides a tool to easily design online greeting cards, and you can choose between traditional fold cards and electronic greeting card formats. It offers a wide range of card templates covering all occasions, offers message suggestions for each event, and you can print the design right away once you're done.

Most of these programs are suitable for amateurs, but one of their common defects is that they are not free to access all their features, and they also share the lack of a sufficient set of Arabic fonts. Hiring a professional greeting card designer remains the best option, as it saves you a lot of time, effort, and cost. It provides you with sufficient experience to create designs with colors and sizes suitable for printing and electronic use.

What are the skills of a professional greeting card designer?

There are some skills that a professional greeting card designer must have to perform his work in the best way, including:

1. Innovation and creativity

Working in the design of greeting cards requires a high level of creativity and innovation. To come up with new ideas, and not repeat designs for the same type of occasions. which requires permanent visual feedback for the designer; To continue his ability to design distinctive greeting cards.

2. The skill of cooperation

A greeting card designer must train himself to deal with and cooperate with his clients, to develop the greeting card design they need. If the designer does not have the skill of cooperation; will work on a design that does not comply with the needs and requests of customers; Which may threaten his continued work.

3. Self-management

The designer of greeting cards usually works as a freelancer, so he must possess the skills of self-control and self-management, including the ability to manage his time efficiently, as he is a leader himself and he must accomplish all stages of work on his own, as he performs his work completely independently.

4. Focus and attention to detail

The job of a greeting card designer requires being careful about the minute details in his designs, every part of the design is his responsibility. He must also pay attention and focus, especially when working on more than one design for the same client or for other clients. So as not to confuse the details of the designs and overlap them.

5. Flexibility and adaptability

The designer is exposed to criticism and different opinions on his designs, and he needs to make some adjustments from time to time, therefore he must accept positive and negative opinions with open arms. He must enjoy the flexibility to continue working on the designs and to make the necessary modifications to them without laziness or boredom.

How to design professional greeting cards

You can get a professional greeting card design easily by following these steps:

Determine your purpose for greeting card design

You need to know the purpose for which you want to make the greeting card, is it a birthday card? Is it a New Year greeting card? Or a graduation greeting card? Or for a wedding? Everyone loves to receive greeting cards, but when you get a greeting card for the wrong or unclear occasion, it becomes strange for both the recipient and the sender of the greeting.

Choose a greeting card size

One of the important steps, before you start designing a greeting card, is to determine the size of the card that you want. If you need a greeting card to share on social media platforms or on your website, then you must determine the appropriate card size for publishing on each platform. While if you are looking to print and send a greeting card to the person concerned, you should know the appropriate size of the card to include with the gift or to print it.

Decide on the basic greeting card colors

Choosing colors in the design helps to deliver unread messages, as many words can be abbreviated in the predominant colors of the design. Choosing a color scheme that matches the intent of your greeting card makes it more visually appealing. Especially when choosing a color scheme compatible with the images attached to the design, the white color usually predominates in the design of wedding greeting cards.

Create a personal message

Perhaps the best part of the card is the congratulatory words written to express the occasion and the appreciation of its owner, which is the basis of the greeting card and what makes it different from other greetings. when adding a personal statement or referring to a positive memory or situation; It gives the card a deep meaning, makes it more personal, reflects the sender's concern for the recipient, and can condense your message into a few lines.

Choose a greeting card design service

Most of the elements of greeting card design are ready, all that remains is to choose a suitable greeting card design service. Through Fiverr, you will find dozens of services specialized in designing attractive professional greeting cards. You can harmonize between different services, to choose the most appropriate one by carefully reviewing the service description, reviewing the service ratings, and then reviewing the service vendor's ratings.

Once you have chosen a specific service, you must show the service vendor all the elements that you have already selected from the basic colors of the design, the type of greeting card design, the personal message you wrote, the size of the design, and whether you will print it or not. Then watch the service as it works, and agree with its vendor on how many design modifications are allowed.

How much does a professional greeting card design cost?

The cost of designing professional greeting cards ranges on average from 10 to 25 dollars per design, and the cost increases according to the required additions, as the cost of designing greeting cards depends on several factors:

  1. The type of greeting card design, whether a greeting card for a wedding, birthday or national occasion.
  2. The size of the design, and whether it is intended for electronic publishing or for printing.
  3. Design details required, do you require a custom graphic, ready-made graphic elements, or paid images.
  4. The number of copies that the customer needs, as sometimes some customers request a fixed design, but they need several copies of it with a slight change in the design, such as the name of the recipient or the basic colors of the design and others.
  5. The design delivery period, the shorter the period, the higher the cost.
  6. Get the source files or just the design.

In conclusion, choosing a custom greeting card design helps you express your appreciation and love for the person you are gifting the greeting card to, unlike choosing a generic design that does not carry a personal message emanating from you. Your brand's choice of greeting card designs on public events also enhances your image to your customers with whom these occasions are associated. So, be sure to choose a sophisticated design distinguished by personalized greeting phrases in greeting cards.