Increase Instagram followers: 16 steps that will make a difference


 The Instagram social networking site is used by about 1.13 billion people around the world, and people and business owners can use it to build a large base of audience and potential customers, and it provides opportunities for the growth of small businesses. Instagram is distinguished from other social media platforms by the nature of its audience and its interests, and it is one of the most prominent sites specializing in publishing short photos and videos, so you should be keen to increase Instagram followers, regardless of the type of your account.

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The importance of Instagram for your business

The Instagram platform is an opportunity for business growth, so business owners should show their businesses and projects and create a social presence through Instagram. Here are the most important reasons why you care about your presence on Instagram:

  • Build a new customer base through marketing content and awareness campaigns for brands, services, and products.
  • Inviting the audience to take a CTA action, such as visiting your website, calling you, or sending a message, which means increasing conversion and visits towards the desired action from the audience.
  • Building visual contact with your audience, by sharing photos and videos about your business team, customers, products, and services, which makes them more aware and loyal to your brand.
  • Post updates with your audience and let them know about new offers, sales, products, and services.
  • Increase audience engagement by posting short stories to showcase cuts or short videos.
  • Share your audience with live events, and open a live video broadcast of the most important events and offers that you offer.
  • Increase audience and customer confidence in your brand by building relationships and collaborations with influencers and brands that are accepted and trusted by your audience.
  • Build a strong relationship with your audience, by sharing important events and occasions, such as holidays, and congratulating them on them.
  • Gather information from surveys, and get referrals and ratings from your previous and current customers.

The importance of increasing Instagram followers

After realizing the importance of the Instagram platform for individuals and companies, it is necessary to realize the importance of increasing your followers, and why you should maintain and increase their number, and here are the most prominent of these reasons:

Build trust and seriousness

Increasing the number of followers on Instagram contributes to giving confidence to the person or brand, as a small number of followers will not give confidence to your brand to followers and new customers like the thousands of followers on Instagram.

Commission marketing and increase income

This feature is usually suitable for people's accounts. The more followers someone has on Instagram, the more influential they become, drawing their weight from their followers. Which prompts companies to display their products and services through it.

This means that with the increase in Instagram followers, the rates of requesting marketing and promotional services from companies will increase, especially if your followers have the purchasing characteristics that make them interested in the products and services that you will announce.

If you provide content focused on cars, then car companies and their various services, such as maintenance and car accessories, will turn to you, but if you provide content related to beauty and you have a wide audience of women who trust your opinion, beauty, and care companies will knock on your door, as their audience is concentrated in your followers, in addition to their services And their products will derive confidence from you. So, your evaluation and presentation must be objective; So that the public's confidence in you will not be affected and shaken with time.

Increase your social impact

The more followers you have on Instagram, the greater the dialogue and discussion, and the primary goal of creating the platform is achieved by creating a virtual social environment that increases the communication of individuals and the transfer of experiences without obstacles such as space and time.

Marketing and direct selling

By marketing your products, services, and ideas to your audience, and as their number increases, your influence and sales will increase. If you own a selling location or not, Instagram will become your selling location and does not need many expenses such as the actual selling location, such as rent, electricity, and other fixed expenses.

Building cooperative relationships and partnerships

Whether between individuals or companies. Increasing Instagram followers contribute to increasing your base of relationships, which facilitates any tasks you need in your personal or professional life or at the level of companies and brands.

Word-of-mouth marketing

It is the best persuasive marketing method for new customers, if the number of your followers increases who are interested in what you offer, they will become advocates of your brand and will recommend it to others, as 92% of customers trust the recommendations of friends to them.

16 free ways to increase Instagram followers

Some simple ways to affect the increase of your followers on Instagram continuously without spending a single dollar, and are:

1. Optimize your account

Before anything, you must complete the creation of your account and fill in all its data, including the Bio description, in which you write a sentence or brief points about what you offer, and you can add a link to your website, online store, or blog, to direct followers to it, and you can add the most associated tags in Description, plus a call-to-action, add a clickable button, make a call or send an email, and more.

And take care of the personal image to be in high definition, and if your account is personal, you can put a personal image, and if it is an account for your brand, it is appropriate to put its logo, and choose an easy username that matches your actual brand name, and it should match the username in the rest The social platforms you are on, the profile picture, description, and username are part of your brand identity.

Why take care of a professional account if you are a business owner?

The personal account differs from the professional accounts on Instagram. If you want to compete with business owners in increasing the number of Instagram followers, you should be keen to build a professional business account, as building a professional account allows you to gain the public’s trust and show the reliability of your business. Fortunately, Instagram is more Simpler and less time-consuming than other platforms.

When signing up on Instagram, choose the category that best describes your business. Some options include Books & Magazines, Brands & Products, Music, Sports...etc. Choose a sub-category to help people find your Page in searches. You can add a photo, and A CV describing your activity, what you do, and how you will help others.

Add your website link, and the image, name, and username must express your business. Using a logo and a real business name makes it easier for customers to find you, which enhances the possibility of increasing Instagram followers on your account. It is also necessary to fill out your gallery because users follow you to see what you share, you can add new photos, and you can also re-edit old photos by adding filters, add them.

2. High-quality content

Content is your first tool to increase Instagram followers, so you should focus on choosing attractive, high-quality photos and videos; To ensure a growing audience, and you will notice that the increase in your followers is affected by the quality of your visual content, here are some tips for producing high-quality content:

  • Determine your goal for the content

Choose a goal or two for the content you want to publish, set a smart goal, and then select the type of photos or videos that you will publish to achieve your goal. If your content is random, the audience will lose interest in what you offer, and you will not be able to attract new followers.

  • Use pictures that tell stories

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, and that is when it is successful in its goal, and this is what you must do, as your pictures must be exclusive and not modified, and diversify in them between pictures and videos of people from the work team or customers to the stages of manufacturing products or providing services, and even highlighting the impact and the change it makes to your products and services.

  • Coherent content with a single personality

Your Instagram account must appear cohesive and have a clear and unified personality so that your followers know that the photo or video they are viewing belongs to you before they review the account name. This can be achieved by choosing solid colors for your designs or using solid filters to achieve visual consistency, which adds professionalism to your Instagram account. Your account and your brand.

  • Choose consistent and clear titles

As you will be interested in the content of photos and videos, you should be interested in the written comment with them and focus on making it clear and coherent with the visual content, and arrange the information you want to mention according to its importance; Put important information first, then less important information.

  • Pay attention to the elements of attraction

On Instagram, it's all about attraction. If the photos that you share with your followers are not attractive, they will not receive any interaction. Try to pay attention to filters that are nice and not exaggerated. The Mayfair filter, for example, is one of the best filters used on Instagram, as it can attract the most followers.

Try to use exclusive images, whether designs or images taken with your mobile camera or mobile camera. Exclusive images and high-quality images give great credibility and make the follower feel confident in the brand he deals with. Usually, the follower resents poor-quality images or duplicate images that He saw on hundreds of other accounts.

3. Use hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram are of great importance, as you can achieve an increase in Instagram followers through hashtags. The number of hashtags used does not matter as much as their quality. You certainly do not want to have followers who do not care about your content. Your potential audience is interested in some topics and not others, so they are likely to follow hashtags and not others, so choose the hashtags that you see that your audience follows their content and add them to your content. Use up to 30 hashtags, and it is best to group the hashtags in a comment; To overcome confusion with your comment on the visual content.

4. Schedule your posts

The Instagram platform is lively and interactive, and to increase Instagram followers, you must maintain your continuous presence by posting high-quality images and clips without interruption, in addition to interacting with likes and comments on the content of those you follow from your audience and re-follow you. Here, new followers will come to you from the followers of your followers or those who are interested in your content.

To maintain continuous attendance without wasting a lot of time or stopping posting for any reason, you can schedule your posts on Instagram, starting from 20 minutes to 75 days, and here it is preferable to prepare a weekly or monthly plan with the posts and stories that you want to publish and schedule once.

Thus, you maintain a constant rate of your presence and presence on Instagram, which will eventually be reflected in the increase in Instagram followers, as active accounts are more followable than neglected accounts that do not post photos and videos constantly.

Many tools provide scheduling of posts on Instagram, and most of them are paid, except by linking your account to the Business Suite, as it provides a set of free features, including scheduling photos and videos.

With your account linked, you can now open the Business Suite app and schedule your posts as follows:

You press the Add Post button, then choose to add a Post or Story.

And then you add the photos or videos that you want to schedule from here.

You add the comment you want, then click Next.

Then you choose to schedule the post later and specify the day and hour you want to publish.

And after setting the time, you press the Schedule button, so the photos or videos will be published automatically on the date and day that you specified.

5. Post your account everywhere

Share your Instagram account on your other accounts on social media platforms, on your website, blog, or in print and paper publications, which will make it easier for your audience and followers on other platforms and means to follow you on Instagram as well.
Instead of inviting you to follow you directly on Instagram, you can re-publish clips or posts from Instagram on various platforms and means, especially if these posts are of interest to your audience, which will push them to follow you without asking.

6. Follow your potential audience

One of the advantages of the Instagram platform is that your audience is present and you can go to it directly and follow it, without standing and waiting for it to come to you, and you can follow your potential audience from competitors’ pages or pages that receive their interest, and you can simply open the follower's tab for these pages, and follow them and click on the Follow button, and a lot will exchange you encourage them to follow, especially if they find your content interesting.

7. Track statistics and indicators

Instagram provides you with an integrated analysis of your audience who follows you, as it shows some of the characteristics they possess, numbers, and percentages, such as their geographical location, age, gender, and times of follow-up to you. To get the most out of these indicators, you need to address users who are similar to your existing audience. To increase the number of your followers.

The indicators also contribute to improving performance and maintaining the interest of your current audience by posting at their active times on Instagram, choosing the appropriate time during the day to address them and the nature of the content that meets their interest, and the Instagram application provides you with some indicators, and to go deeper into these indicators, you can refer to the indicators of your account on Meta Business Suite.

8. Track your competition

Especially if you are new to Instagram, you must follow the activity of your competitors and the nature of the audience that follows them, think about the mechanisms of attracting them to you, and focus on your points of distinction after you develop your own strategy. Following competitors is one of the best ways to save a lot of time and effort, so you can criticize their content and provide content that avoids the mistakes they make.

9. Collaborate with influencers

By offering simple in-kind gifts or with strong relationships, you can cooperate with some influencers, and they will provide a strong recommendation for your page, products, and services, and immediately the number of your followers will increase greatly depending on the number of followers of the influencer you have collaborated with. You can send them your products and ask for their opinion on them, or you can show them your products and they choose some of them for their personal use.

10. Track your performance

After you track the indicators and data such as the number of new followers, the number of comments and likes you get, and focus on the hashtags that attract new followers more than others, you should start developing your performance by using the most influential hashtags and improving performance by getting more followers and interaction in the following month on for example.

In addition to involving your followers in choosing the content they want to receive from you in the next period, you can use User-Generated Content (UGC) and publish it on your account after you take their permission, and do not forget to add a call to action in the content that you publish, all of these points Improve your results and increase your followers.

11. Pin some comments

Instagram added a new feature recently, which is the ability to pin up to three comments at the top of the comments, and you can take advantage of this feature to attract new followers in several ways, including by completing the address and comment you want to attach to the shared photos or videos, or pinning comments to your followers that give a positive effect on your activity.

12. Post shareable content

Here, focus on service content that provides value to your audience, such as illustrative infographic designs or illustrative videos of how to overcome a problem or a trick that makes it easier to perform tasks, and thus it will be easier for followers to publish it on their blogs and in their stories on Instagram, which means a wider spread and an increase in Instagram followers in the end.

13. Tag some followers

You can mention some active or engaged followers on your posts and thank them or send them a message, which means a wider spread through their audience as well, and you can indicate your current location during a live broadcast or when posting photos or videos, which gives more vitality and confidence to your content and your brand.

14. Collaboration with other brands

The shared content between you and other companies can contribute to increasing Instagram followers, as it increases the visibility of your brand or account to a wider audience, so you can think of mutual cooperation partnerships with others, in which you exchange services without the need to pay a fee, each of you will provide a service to the other, which is Increase the number of followers.

It can also cooperate with charities or non-profit organizations, and offer a promotional offer by donating part of the profit of each product or service that it provides to customers, or add a program dedicated to those who wish to donate through you with the organization with which you cooperate.

15. Use Story Highlights

They are icons that appear below the description in your account and make it easier for new browsers to know your interests and the nature of your content, which prompts them to follow you at a greater rate. Through Story Highlights, you can save up to 100 stories and videos in one group, and there is no limit to the number of distinctive story groups that you want to add.

To be able to add Story Highlights, you need to add Stories to Archive from Story Settings 24 hours before they are published and finished, as follows:

After clicking on the stories in your Instagram account, you will choose the drop-down menu below the story under the title More.

Then choose Story Settings.

Activate the Save Story to Archive feature

Thus, all the stories that you publish will be saved to your account in the archive after 24 hours have passed, and you can add Story Highlight groups by following these steps:

Open your Instagram profile, then select New in the Featured Stories section under the Bio description.

Featured Stories section below the description Bio

Here you will find all the stories you have published archived.

All previously published stories are archived

Select the stories you want to add to a group, you can choose up to 100 stories, then choose Next.

Choose up to 100 stories to include in a single group of Instagram statuses

Now you can choose a name for the collection of stories, and you have to choose it carefully; To express the stories within. You can also edit the cover of the group and choose another image or a custom design from your device, by choosing Edit Cover.

Choose Edit Cover on Instagram to add an image or design

After you have finished selecting the cover, select Done.

Completed cover modification

Finally, after reviewing the name and cover photo, choose Add.

The ability to add a picture to a group of Instagram stories

Thus, you added a Story Highlight group that appears in your account, and it can inform the new audience more about your activity, thus resulting in an increase in Instagram followers.

Introducing the Instagram audience to the business through story highlights

16. Instagram ads

You can add more followers to your account through an advertisement on Instagram to follow, and an advertisement can be launched from the Instagram application itself or from Meta Business, and on Fiverr, you will find many Instagram advertising specialists who can help you achieve impressive results at a competitive price.


Finally, you have to realize that the number of your followers on Instagram is not as important as the quality of your followers. Therefore, we do not recommend buying ready-made accounts and groups of followers that are offered generously for a nominal fee. Starting a new account without followers and building your own followers and audience interested in your field, no matter how small it is at first, is better than starting with followers who do not care about your content and do not interact with you.

It may reflect negatively on the evaluation of your account and eventually cause your account to be closed by the Instagram administration, as well as affect your brand image in front of new browsers to your account, when they find that the number of your followers is not commensurate with the amount of interaction on your posts, they will stop following you. That is why we have provided several methods and tips in this guide; To increase the number of your followers interested in your account naturally, without magic solutions that come with a quick but not permanent result.

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