Think of your favorite YouTube channel, and tell me what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Did you imagine the channel's logo, name, or something else? Anyway, whatever the nature of the thing you imagined is different, the good news here is that correctly designing the intro will ensure that your audience is visually attracted and that your channel name, logo, and content are installed without much effort to achieve it every time so that the audience will remember you easily when they imagine your channel.

Designing a professional intro is not limited to YouTube videos. Rather, you can put the intro video intro in any video you make, whether on your website or social media pages, which means that creating a professional video intro will enrich your videos of all kinds. Because you will benefit from it regardless of the publishing platform.

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The importance of a professional and visually appealing intro design

Building a unique visual identity does not come from day and night, but rather it is a continuous phase of repeating what distinguishes you and presenting the elements of your professional brand - whether commercial or personal - to the target audience; So that this audience can understand the nature of your content and its information settles in the minds of the recipients. Making a visually pleasing intro helps you achieve this, through the following:

  • The video introduction summarizes what you do; That is, displaying in quick realistic clips or by designing motion graphics the most important events that take place in your channel in general, thus educating viewers and introducing them to all the areas that interest you and discuss them in your videos.
  • An attractive intro design provides a great opportunity to present your visual identity to the audience; Because you are committed to using the colors and fonts of your visual identity, in addition to that, the frequency of displaying them proves these distinctive elements until you reach the stage where the viewer associates these colors and fonts with your videos automatically and immediately.
  • You benefit from the intro design and place it at the forefront of the videos in the first seconds, those seconds that are the most important in any video at all; Because viewers' enthusiasm and focus reach their highest levels, and this will help in attracting the category that really cares about your content.

Think of the intro design process as a long-term investment, every time your audience watches a specific video on your YouTube channel or a social media page, you will show them clips from other videos, motivating them to watch more or at least arouse their curiosity to enter the home page and browse what It has content, which increases the chances of it following you.

This method is suitable for channels that want to build a full-fledged official image, as it is similar to the TV presenter who summarizes the topics discussed in the program at the beginning. Designing an attractive intro is an easy path to take if you want to convince the viewer of your formality and professionalism. Because the intro video gives the first impression that you specialize in what you have to offer and have something to say.

So the summary of the importance of a professional intro design is that it introduces the audience to your content, and summarizes what you are interested in presenting, to make it easier for the audience to remember you and increase their loyalty to your brand. Add to that the visual enjoyment that the intro adds to your videos with its distinctive music, which means effortlessly entertaining the audience and urging them to follow the video.

But note that the intro mode is not suitable for everyone, for example, for short videos, those that do not exceed a minute or a minute and a half, it is not appropriate to put an intro in them; Because of its limited duration and because the video commentator must state his words very directly. This method is followed by providers of extensive introductory content.

Let's move now to some important models whose owners were able to design a professional intro that attracted the audience brilliantly, and analyze the reasons for the strength of this intro and how you can benefit from it in designing your own video introduction. You can also raise the ceiling of competition and keep up with the major channels by using one of the five professional services to design an unsurpassable intro. These services are provided by many creative designers at competitive prices starting from only $5.

Templates created by their owners in a professional intro design

1. CrashCourse Channel

With us in the first model here, on the quality of the perfect intro design, the CrashCourse channel, which is famous for providing simplified explanations in various fields of education, such as philosophy, history, psychology, medicine, etc. The owners of the channel put a distinctive video introduction for each field, however, its template is similar to the introductions of other fields as follows:

  • High-quality graphics are used in the channel, and they are compatible with the graphics used by the video presenter to explain his topics, which unifies the display method and increases its attractiveness, and thus establishes the elements of visual identity with clear visual richness.
  • Some weird and interesting information is randomly placed in the introduction. This information is consistent with the field explained, for example, as we see in the previous video, short information was written in random places in the intro, such as “Did you know that long-distance trade began 120,000 years ago,” and other information arranged according to the most famous historical eras.
  • After these images, you see an animated final design with the channel name in it, and all these elements flow in an amazing flow, giving the channel a professional look, especially with the use of eye-catching animations

You will also notice when you watch the introduction to the Crash Course video that the period they used is very short - no more than a few seconds for each image - and this gives an impression of speed and achievement, which is consistent with the spirit of the channel in concisely presenting scientific materials. Although these clips are shown at great speed, many viewers pause the video to look at them, so these fast images attract the viewer's attention even more.

It is also useful to simulate this feature when designing a new intro; That is, make the design express the spirit of your channel. If your channel is about software and computer science, it's okay to use code. And if your videos are specialized in sports content related to the gym (gym), it can be useful to show you short clips of some exercises quickly, compared to any other field such as cooking, entertainment, or introductory content.

2. Short channel Kurzgesagt

A channel in short, or as its official name is Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, is one of the most important international channels for displaying scientific content. The introduction of the video is usually shown in the first sixty seconds, and in no case does it exceed these seconds. We can analyze the intro channel design in brief as follows:

  • 5 motion graphics transitions that follow at lightning speed and flow, the first begins with a volcanic eruption, then a group of trees with a monkey holding things like rockets in the middle, then the third image consisting of clouds and a spacecraft transports us to a strange futuristic atmosphere in which skyscrapers gather in the middle of which is a luminous symbol resembling a time machine, and then at the end, the channel name is displayed below the Earth symbol
  • All of these images were displayed in less than 5 seconds, and once you see them, you will be amazed at how they designed a professional, visually pleasing intro in such a short period.
  • Unlike Crash Course, Kurz gesagt's intro design is devoid of any random information, but it contains a signal underlined by the strength of the graphic design and the richness of its colors used, which indicates the spirit of the channel that aims to depict science in a fun way

3. Muscle Clinic channel

The Muscle Clinic channel is one of the well-known Arabic channels in the field of sports, and it presents a very simple intro in which its logo is shown in a quick animation, to be complemented by the name of the channel below the logo with the written logo Slogan as we can see in the previous video.

This type of design consolidates the channel's logo and name. Every time a person watches a specific video on the channel, he will see this intro, and it will quickly be engraved in his memory. This method may suit you if you want to design a professional intro in a short time, or if you want to establish your channel's logo and name quickly and without much effort.

4. Al-Dahih Channel

The design of the intro of the Al-Duhaih channel - which specializes in simplifying sciences - is distinctive and loud, and the music increases this clear noise, and this can be explained by what the channel officials aim to give a lively character to the topics explained. With a little contemplation, you will find that the design of the entrance to the channel is relatively popular, as it simulates in its design the wooden panels cut in the shape of the letters of the word al-Dahih, and irregular yellow lights are placed above it.

We also see the formation of a group of small libraries located behind the letters of the word Al-Dahih, a group of papers and dice falling randomly, and we see a movement of a key on the left side of the intro Al-Dahih design. All of the previous elements give a distinctive and multiplying effect. When you imagine the name Al-Dahih, you will remember these random symbols, and you may even hear the music!

And if there is one note that I would like you to remember here, it is that you must study the spirit of your channel, and express it individually, so that you only use what serves the truth of your topic, even if it is different from the competitors. Their intros are totally different with no similarities, yet they both are consistent with their presentation, explanation, and brand personality.

I also mention the role of music here; It can give a unique luster to your channel, as it is not only important to choose visually attractive design elements, but everything that can engage and enjoy your audience - whether visually or auditory - is useful for you to use, so if the use of music matches the nature of your content, do not hesitate In selecting the best, most powerful and distinctive ones.

How do you get a distinctive intro design?

After we looked at various models of intro designs, let's now learn about the most important steps that enable you to make a professional intro in a short time. First, while designing a new video intro, you should choose what works for its duration, meaning design an intro that you can use for as long as possible. Think about your channel in the long run and ask yourself:

  • What new topics will you cover?
  • Does this intro fit your future topics?
  • Is it easy for you to adapt the intro with any new ideas without affecting what your audience is used to?

Study the nature of your activity

To accurately answer the previous questions, you must study your activity well. This means having clear goals to be based on, in addition to a future vision for your career. The vision doesn't have to be completely clear, but it should at least make sense and be able to point to it. In the end, at this stage, you should be able to accurately describe your services and what you offer, and you should know your most important advantages.

Select the intro shape you want

Look at competitors and study how they design the intro and look for areas of strength in the designed intro as well as areas of weakness to avoid them, for example, if a competitor uses an intro of up to 10 seconds in their 10-15 minute videos, it may not help you to emulate them if they are Your videos are short, 3 minutes long.

After studying the competitors, set out to determine the desired look, do you want animation (motion graphics)? Or do you want to display the logo and the name of your channel in the intro? Or do you want to design an intro made up of collected video clips? After choosing the type that attracts you the most, find the closest model that shows what you want. So that you are aware of the end result.

Choose screen dimensions that are compatible with your publishing platform

Screen dimensions will depend on the publishing platform; If you are going to publish on YouTube, then the dimensions of the Intro video should be 16:9, and these are some of the dimensions of the most popular social media platforms on which you can publish your videos:

  • Facebook intro dimensions: 1:1 or 16:9.
  • Dimensions of the Tik Tok intro: 9:16.
  • Dimensions of intro Twitter: 1:1.
  • Dimensions for an Instagram video introduction: 16:9 for widescreen mode, 1:1 for viewing videos with square dimensions, and portrait dimensions 4:5.

And you can control the dimensions of the intro easily through professional programs that I will mention shortly. Here you have to select the format in which you want to extract the intro, which will most likely be either MP4 or MOV format.

Choose the appropriate sound for the intro

You will be sure of the importance of choosing the perfect sound for your intro if you carefully look at the intro models that I attached previously, as a professional intro design is not complete without the presence of a sound that is consistent with what you want to show and emphasize. The voice of the logo can be musical, and you will choose the type of music based on the nature of your activity and the personality of your brand; Is she serious and formal, or fun and friendly?

And you can choose more than one tone and combine them with each other, or even choose the sound of a specific object, such as birds, lions, waves, or the sound of a car engine. The options here are multiple, and the final decision depends on the element that will highlight what you present and the shape of the intro you chose. For example, if you choose an intro design that shows your channel name and logo, you can appoint one of the voice commentators to pronounce the channel name, and then attach the recorded audio with the intro video.

In any case, you must consider some important points before choosing the music you like, and the most important of them is to abide by the copyright of this music, as you must make sure that you can use and share it without any problems. If you purchase it, you must obtain a copy of the purchase information to share it on the Dissemination Platform; To avoid any allegations of infringement of intellectual property rights.

Many sites refuse to use any music clips that violate copyrights, such as the YouTube platform, and this may expose you to the removal of the video or the imposition of warnings by the YouTube team. You can learn how to get free music that you can use during your video intro design to protect yourself.

Be careful with the colors

You should not separate the intro design from your visual identity; If you have a specific identity, then this requires adhering to its colors while designing the introduction of the video. One of the most important conditions for the success of the visual identity is the continuity of presenting it to the audience on every occasion and using the specified colors in the outro is very useful. It will be shown to the audience repeatedly, increasing their familiarity with your brand and cementing its elements in their memory.

Use the appropriate font

The use of fonts may be useful in clarifying the topics you explain, for example, you can show a video clip of some meals and the word “nutrition” appears while viewing this clip, and then display in the next clip the word “sports and exercises”, and thus the viewer will learn about the topics that Offer it easily if your channel is sports. As with the colors in the intro design, you should use the lines of your visual identity and avoid using any lines that do not express your brand's personality.

Start designing the intro with professional software

You will find many free programs and websites that promise you a distinctive intro design, but the end result will not be unique enough, as most of these programs do not study the nature and personality of your activity, and do not determine the best intro quality for your topics, so invest and use professional programs that you work on yourself, such as Adobe After Effects Adobe After Effects or Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

There are some other programs such as Filmora Pro for professional intro design. If you do not know how to use these programs, purchasing one of the high-quality services from Fiverr, which specialized in designing a unique intro at a competitive price, may help you save time and effort, instead of exhausting yourself trying these programs, fearing the outcome.

Decide what to say in the intro

To design a professional intro, you must say something professional, and I do not mean here to utter certain words to show the audience your strengths, but rather to tell it in an attractive visual way. The best thing to show is a few facts about you, like clips of you being recognized for an achievement, a compilation of you with participants in one of your courses, or an animated video that matches the personality of your videos.

Make sure your Intro is the perfect length

From the previous examples, it is clear to you that the duration of the ideal video intro does not exceed 10 seconds, so be sure to intensify the elements you display and adhere to this period so as not to distract your audience and avoid raising bounce rates (that is, the viewer leaves the video and does not continue watching it). I think the best intro is about 5 seconds, so be sure to show only the most important scenes and don't try to say everything, but rather share what distinguishes you most.

Make the intro live

Even if you are explaining deeply philosophical topics, present your outro with energy. Add some artistic effects consistent with your visual identity. Remember that the main goal of designing a professional intro is to attract the audience and arouse their curiosity about your channel, and this will not happen with a slow and boring introduction that can be shortened to 3 seconds, but reached 20 seconds!

Try the intro in more than one video

After extracting the intro in the appropriate format, attach it to some videos and evaluate the final result. In this step, consult other experts and your friends, and do not rush to adopt the intro until you have seen it more than once at different and separate times, and you must ask yourself at this stage:

  • Does the intro design express what I want to say?
  • Do the colors and fonts match my visual identity?
  • Can the audience identify me easily?
  • Is the length of your intro video ideal?
  • Does it look like it and is compatible with the aspirations of the audience?

In the last step here, you need to make sure that the intro is clear and has a direct message, by using the language and expressions of your audience. Do not baffle the viewer by combining more than one message or making it ambiguous in the hope of attracting his attention, as the audience will most likely get bored and not take the time you hope to solve the ambiguity of your introduction!


In this article, you learned about the importance of designing a professional intro for your channel, and how it can attract more interested people so that they interact more with your content. You can determine the ideal length of your video intro and what are some of the programs you can use. Remember that attention to detail is important, especially if you intend to build a unique brand that the audience loves and trusts, and intro design is one of the powerful factors that help you achieve this.