Students may think of working besides studying in financial terms only, but they overlook what is more important than financial profit, which is the acquisition of various experiences and skills that they will only obtain by going through various job experiences, which qualify them to create a distinguished future after their graduation.

Jay Russell, Director of Campus Careers at the University of Reading, says: “Even if a student is financially secure enough not to need to work during their studies, we still suggest working part-time or volunteering because good work experience is so important. .”

What do students gain from work besides studying?

1. Understanding life and the job market

The curriculum does not teach students about life, the nature of money, and understanding the labor market. Therefore, the student should understand the nature of the market and the nature of money, to master dealing with them in the future. This understanding is provided by those who strive and strive to learn, practice and apply. In the school stage, time is precious, in the student takes the initiative to learn different skills in addition to studying to work in different job titles, and then he gets to know the labor market clearly, and this qualifies him for a promising future.

2. Gain experience

One of the most important life skills that the student acquires during his contact with work is that he recognizes the different natures of people, and deals with the good and the bad. He will learn how to plan for his life in the future, and other important skills that he acquires from every field in which he works.

3. Expanding the circle of relations

We see a lot of recent graduates rushing to create resume files to apply for various jobs, but they do not know that many of the ideal recruitment processes are done through recommendations and recommendations. Expanding the circle of your relationships in different fields of work opens many doors for you to distinguished jobs, which resume holders do not know anything about.

4. Shortening the career ladder

If the student completes his work in the same field in which he worked before graduating, then years of work will certainly be shortened for him, and he will quickly move up the career ladder thanks to the experiences and skills that he acquired while working in addition to studying. And if he did not continue in the same field, he will certainly have sufficient general experiences that help him excel in the field he chose.

What are the obstacles students face when working alongside studies?

The road to excellence is full of challenges that need vigor and determination to overcome. The most important challenges that students may face during their work experience besides studying are the dilemmas of time and distraction, as follows:

  • take time

Time is one of the most important assets that a student has at the time of his studies, and work with study depletes this asset, in addition to transportation time.

  • pressure and dispersion

Inevitably, the presence of work alongside the study will increase the obligations and burdens borne by the student, but if we think for a moment about the matter of pressure, we will find that great things will not be accomplished except under pressure and hard effort, in addition to that, the greats are always in work and work, and they do not waste their time in trivialities and emptiness.

How to achieve balance in the case of work besides study?

How to balance work and study

If you search the search engines for tips for working with studies or jobs for students or ask those close to you about this matter, you will find the vast majority advising you not to undertake this experiment! Why? Because their thinking goes to the traditional work structure in which you wake up in the morning to go to work and then come back after the end of work, only to find yourself exhausted and in need of rest. Will you rest now or tickets? Do you go to work in the morning or to your university?

But the ideal solution that achieves a balance between work and study lies in self-employment. Not long ago, there was a lot of searching for jobs on the Internet for students, and this indicates the extent to which students are aware of the importance of self-employment. In self-employment, you will find that time is yours and you control it in a way that suits your studies. You can define working days, and divide working hours within the day to suit you. You will not find someone forcing you to work for a specific period, long or short, but you will be your own boss and accept the work you want and reject the one that does not suit you.

In working online, you will be able to choose the field that matches your skills and abilities, and you can also choose more than one field at a time. Now you will control everything related to your business to be able to complete your studies successfully, in addition to acquiring various skills and experiences and making profits as well.

All you need to start your freelance business is to have a skill that you can do professionally. All sectors are now looking for freelancers to carry out the required tasks, instead of bringing in an employee who costs them a monthly salary. The quality of your work and its professional execution makes project owners flock to you to complete their work, and whenever your work is perfect, you can set the price that suits your effort and time.

Fives help you start working alongside studying

The question on your mind now: how to get started? Do you have a required skill in the labor market, and can you implement it in a good way? Well, Fiverr is the best way to start. and it is visited daily by a huge number of entrepreneurs who want to find someone to carry out their services for them.

You can easily provide your service on Fiverr, and you will find dozens of your potential customers every day, presenting them with your offers and what you can do to carry out their work. And do not bear the concern of guaranteeing profits, the Fiverr platform guarantees you to preserve the rights of both parties, even if any disputes occur between the two parties, the affected party submits a complaint to the site, and the technical support team will work to solve the problem and return the rights to their owners.

Fiverr also gives the customer the right to evaluate and express an opinion on your service. If your service is distinguished and your dealings with the customer are polite and sophisticated, he will give you a positive evaluation and express his opinion on your service and the way you deal with transparency, and these good evaluations will certainly attract more customers to you.

5 tips for achieving balance when working alongside studying

After you know the way to achieve balance, now here are the most important tips that you must take into account to succeed in achieving a balance between your work and studies with high efficiency:

1. Learn to manage your time smartly

Managing time efficiently is the best way to achieve your goals and reach success. One of the most important facts that you should know about time is that it is priceless. The saying “time is money” is wrong, because wasted money can be recovered, but wasted time will never come back. To be able to manage your time intelligently, get rid of negative habits that waste time, such as: chatting, watching TV or YouTube without an account, electronic games, and browsing social networking sites constantly.

After that, do not make your mind preoccupied with more than one idea at a time. Focus on one idea, and after completing it, think about the next one. Make sure to schedule your work and study tasks, and commit to setting a deadline for each work. You must take into account reality in setting deadlines. Do not set them with an ideal separate from reality, but rather set them based on your circumstances and capabilities.

2. Good planning

Randomness leads to failure. Planning is charting the path to success. Remember this word well, and never forget your way. After you have learned how to manage your time professionally, learn how to plan to complete your work and studies without one negatively affecting the other. Learn to set priorities in completing tasks, and differentiate between tasks that must be completed first, tasks that can be permanently canceled without harm, and tasks that can be postponed until the completion of the most important.

Be clear about the goals you want to achieve and how you will reach them. And make sure to continue your plan and do not stop implementing the steps set to reach your goal.

3. Rest times

Constant preoccupation with work or study negatively affects your concentration, attention, and health as well. Seriousness, attention, and discipline do not mean destroying your health and psyche to accomplish tasks. Rather, the soul should be given its share of rest and pleasure, and it should perform its work and studies diligently. Recreation is one of the most important reasons that provide you with energy and the ability to complete the path with vigor and determination on the way to your success.

You can entertain yourself by doing an activity you love, sitting with someone close to you, or spending quality time in an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. Of course,, I don't mean to waste time on this matter, but give everything its due. Work takes its time, study its time, and rest times every now and then at a rate of about 15 minutes.

5. Getting up early

If you read biographies of successful managers or businessmen like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and others. You will find everyone agrees with this advice, and even considers it the most important reason for bringing livelihood. To be able to wake up early, you must go to bed early to give your body enough time to rest. Then set your alarm and place it a little away from you until you have to leave the bed to turn it off the alarm. At this moment, do not listen to yourself and go back to bed again, but go directly to the nearest sink and wash your face.

At the beginning of your day, do a sporting activity before you go to work or study, and do not push yourself with hard work at the beginning of getting used to this healthy habit. At first, you will find the situation stressful, and you will find your body telling you to sleep for one hour during the day. Do not respond to it until it gets used to sleeping early.

6. Exercise

The powerful link that ties all of these tips together is exercise. Because it is the sport that maintains the vitality and activity of the body and maintains the strength of the mind and preponderance of the mind. It also helps to increase motivation and determination. The sport will make you expel laziness and lethargy, and qualify you to practice high things and leave their foolishness, as well as motivate you to finish the tasks required of you. Not to mention that it will improve your mood and psychological state.

And remember, working alongside studies is no longer an entertainment option, but rather a must for everyone who wants success and distinction for himself. Start now by identifying the skills you master, then choose the services that are compatible with those skills, and you can provide them professionally on Fiverr.