Many of the services and things that are provided on Fiverr depend on direct sales, which are not repeated from the same customer, but despite this, there are a lot of businesses that may turn from products that are sold once to products that are ordered several times.

Do not be surprised, this is a fact, many sellers have been able to attract customers and convert them into permanent customers in a way that ensures that the sales movement does not stop and increases further.

Accuracy in time and handling

There is no doubt that accuracy in determining the time, and delivering the service on time are among the most important factors that earn you the respect of the customer and make you a good reputation. So, always make sure to manage your time well. Also, accuracy in the transaction and in the implementation of the required tasks will facilitate your work a lot, guarantee you your rights, and make the implementation of the work take place in an orderly and perfect manner, in addition to avoiding problems in the future, which guarantees you success by a large percentage. Gaining the customer’s trust because of the accuracy will undoubtedly create a reputation for Good for you and a good impression of you may make him seek your help again.

The balance between seriousness and friendly dealing

Business dealings always need a great deal of seriousness in dealing and dialogue, but at the same time, there is no need for things to be done strictly and dryly. Sometimes dealing in a friendly and balanced manner creates a kind of good relationship with the client, especially if this is after agreeing accurately on each About work, this relationship creates a kind of bond with your customer that encourages him to deal with you later.

Always stand out from the crowd

There is no doubt that distinction from the rest of the competitors makes you a unique person, when you are distinguished, this customer will pay to deal with you again, especially if these features are not available in the rest of the competitors and at the same time if you present your business like others, this certainly may not pay the customer To deal with you exclusively, make sure to select these matters carefully and objectively, so do not make the evaluation of the points of excellence on your part, but rather make them from the customers themselves, as sometimes there are many points that we think are characteristic of normal for customers and vice versa.

Work on developing and updating your business continuously

Developing or improving your business for the better or updating it is the best way to encourage the customer to buy again from you, especially when doing the points we explained before. Service on a site Use another additional site, or add something new to the services you provide, this update process will definitely convert old customers from just one-time customers to buying and trying this updated thing that may be better than before, so Always make sure to diversify and update your products first, so that you are also not surprised by the occurrence of a state of saturation and a significant lack of sales.

Encourage him to bring clients through him

Many professional sellers resort to converting the customer into a marketer for them indirectly by buying the same product or service for their friends and acquaintances, or encouraging others to deal with them, and among the most popular of these methods are discounts and coupons that you can make in Fiverr by offering them a gift in kind, Or offering an increase in the service if he purchases from you certain times or brings a certain number of customers through him. These methods are considered a successful way to encourage the customer to deal with you several times.

Provide him with the option of technical support after the sale

One of the things that customers prefer most is the ability to write to you or inquire about anything that may be related to the work carried out. This helps a lot in establishing a permanent connection after the sale process, but make sure that these points are in a very limited form or in a narrow scope so that they do not become additional services or An excessive burden that was not stipulated when agreeing on the service, so the process, for example, is limited to simple responses, knowing the method of a matter, or inquiries, and nothing more.

Watch out for manipulation

Always be careful not to deliberately manipulate or underestimate some points, or leave simple errors that you may think the customer does not discover. Many of these things may not appear in the near term, but they will certainly be revealed one day, and when discovered, they may cause a shock that may destroy all trust and treatment. The kindness I made to him before, so I take great care of this point and never underestimate it.