One of the most important applications of gamification is to increase the productivity of individuals and turn their ambitious goals into reality. Success does not come from wishing or daydreaming, but it comes from hard work every day on tasks, even if they are small.

But it's a big difference from working on a challenge where you feel pressured by your insistence on achieving it and working on it while having fun and not feeling any bad about it. We talked about the concept of gamification and how you can use it to increase your productivity, but what if you used one of the ready-made applications based on the same principle to become more productive and accomplished. Of course, it will be more fun.

We take a look at 7 handpicked apps that use gamification to boost your productivity in a fun way.



Many advise using to-do lists daily, but is it possible to make to-do lists more fun? I mean, many of us use this method at work or to motivate ourselves to continue working, but sometimes we postpone it or do not adhere to it at all, which strips to-do lists of their function. Therefore, instead of writing to-do lists, you can use the Habitica application, as its function is to always motivate you to act. By completing tasks, you will earn points and advance your level, which will make the process of writing lists more fun and competitive.

The beautiful thing is that your incomplete or postponed tasks will cause you to be punished and cause your level to decline in the application, which is what you do not want, of course, you can receive some advice from other users, and express your advice to others, which makes the process of completing tasks a participatory process that helps you to continue, a beautiful application that deserves experience.

The hardest thing about a relentless pursuit of a goal is that if you slack once on doing even a small task, you will lose your motivation and may not continue again app application is a solution to this problem. It simply helps you not to break the chain and continue your progress day by day. Every day you do the tasks or the habit that you want to acquire, it will reward you in more than one way. You can also join other groups that work on the same goals as you or want to acquire new habitsWhat distinguishes him is that the principle of his work is simple if you do not break the chain, you will be rewarded, and vice versa.

Super Better

Super Better

Well, we all have these bad habits that we want to quit, such as smoking, social networks, distraction, and many daily habits that negatively affect our lives, or others that we want to acquire and we know that by acquiring them our professional and social life will improve, such as daily reading, exercise or even An old hobby.

Super Better helps you overcome your bad habits and build new ones with a game designed by a gambling expert Gamification expert. The nice thing is that the application takes you step by step with some exercises to start directly after that to work on your goals, through which you can define the challenges that you want to face, such as reaching, for example, to sell The first hundred fives service.

Todoist Karma

Gamification Applications |  todoist

The Todoist Karma app is for those who prefer to use a simple tool to follow up on tasks, the application is simple, and dealing with it will not require a lot of technical expertise, all you have to do is add the tasks that you want to do, and you can categorize them by adding the projects you are working on, but the fun here is that when you click On a task as accomplished, the app measures it over time, and lets you track your progress through a curve that represents your productivity increase.

And the opposite happens, of course, when you do not continue to do your tasks. The application is designed to contain levels ( beginner - expert - enthusiastic ). The more you achieve, the more you advance in it. When you use paper and pen to write a to-do list, you often cross out the task after completing it, but todoist gives you meaningful data To monitor your progress and see where you go wrong as you pursue your goals.

Epic Win


This game is similar to Habit RPG, but it has an easy mechanism, such as selecting completed tasks and completing objectives. One of the beautiful features of it is that you can specify the skills required for each task, so is it intelligence, strength, or patience, and so on. For those who are interested in games with high-quality graphics, sound effects, and an entertaining mechanism, an epic win is a more than wonderful option to monitor your productivity and perform various tasks.

Task Hammer


Another application, such as epic win, chooses the role of a character in the game to carry out your tasks and achieve goals. You can choose from three characters in the game (Barbarian - Rogue - Sorceress), and you can specify the requirements for each task such as charisma and strength. There are several additional features of the application, so you can define a task as repetitive. Or part of a routine goal, prioritizing tasks in proportion to your time, writing some notes for a specific task, and your choice of Task Hammer depends on the suitability of the features it contains for your needs, which you may not find in another application.

Mind Bloom

What if your life was a tree whose water is action and its sun is motivation. This is the principle of Mind Bloom's work. It deals simply with the different aspects of your life, such as professional, social, or even religious life. Through it, you can browse the good tasks that you must do to water your life tree, and it will provide The application gives you some sources of videos and articles to read, and the more you do, the more water you water and water your tree, and the more you enjoy a saying or hear an inspiring audio file, the sunlight will increase. There is nothing simpler than that to do and start trying this wonderful application.

You may remember from the previous article what we mentioned about strategy first and then technology, meaning that you are not satisfied with just using the different applications, first define your strategy and goals and then choose the tools and applications that suit your needs.

Tell us did you like the application of them?