You've probably read a lot of productivity articles and seen everyone talking about how to get up early and learned that most of the best in their field are the ones who get up and start their day early. You may have wanted to be like them and wake up before sunrise, but you may still suffer like many who want to get up early but can't or don't know. And here the question arises, how to wake up early.

Why is getting up early the best choice for freelancers?

Waking up early has innumerable benefits, as it is one of the most persistent habits of successful people such as Bill Gates, Jack Ma, and others. Early morning is the best time for calmness, serenity, and high concentration of mind. Among the benefits of waking up early are:

1. A chance to enjoy the morning ritual

When you work from home, the matter of waking up early, and committing to being in the workplace at a specific hour, is freed from its restrictions and you have complete freedom to wake up whenever you want. But here lies the dilemma, as it all depends on your good management of your day and organization of your time, so it is necessary to commit to waking up early to help your body adjust its internal clock, which improves the quality of your sleep during the night hours and makes you more refreshed and more able to focus.

Arrange your workroom and make it a suitable place to start a wonderful work day, eat a completely healthy breakfast, plan your day's tasks from the first hour of the day, then enjoy a productive and productive work day.

2. Exercise

Being independent means that your place of work is your place of residence, so your daily movement rates are much lower than those who have to go out to go to work and move from one place to another outside their work areas. So, getting up early and doing any kind of movement leaves you room to take care of a healthy mind and body.

We all know the importance of exercising, and the matter is not limited to the type of strenuous exercises, you can practice yoga and open your mind to meditation areas that help you to clear and get rid of countless distractions, you can go out for a walk and walk in the early hours of the day and benefit from the calm and fresh atmosphere. etc. Give it a try and you'll feel alert and energized in every part of your mind and body.

3. Starting your day with something you love

One of the things that you can do when you wake up early is the ability to take time for yourself to do something you love, listen to a podcast, read a book, or read a new article in a field that interests you, do not forget that all of this is reflected in your productivity, and your interaction with others during working hours.

4. Organize your priorities better

When you wake up early and start your day at a calm pace, the nature of the tasks you will choose will not include the meeting that has minutes left, the work that is close to delivery, or any of those things that you do nervously and emotionally for fear of running out of time, but rather you will be more aware and organize your priorities.

You can set your working hours, and the tasks that must be worked on, know when is the right time to check your e-mail, and put everything on your agenda at its appropriate time because you are the master of your time and in control of when and how things get done.

How do you get up early?

In this part of the article, we will take practical steps that enable you to introduce this healthy habit into your life. As with any habit, it requires patience and perseverance, and before that, a will to achieve it, with faith in its usefulness. Among those tips are the following:

1. Take a simple step

The hardest part is getting out of bed, setting an alarm and leaving it far away is a trick that works sometimes, but you don't want to wake up everyone in the house either, so you can set an alarm close to you, and set another 10 minutes away if you don't wake up, so that if the nearby alarm alerts you, you realize that if If you don't wake up and turn off the alarm that is farther away, others will wake up, so your fear of waking others will take care of it.

You can start with a simple step like this or create your own, the important thing is that you force yourself to get out of your comfort zone and get out of bed, as soon as the alarm goes off.

2. Realize the importance of getting up early

Many of us may not really realize the importance of waking up early, so knowing all the health aspects that help you to wake up early will increase your awareness of the importance of it and make it a priority in your day. All you can do is read about the benefits of waking up early. Start monitoring the performance of those you know who get up early, communicate with them, and tell them your problem, so they may share their solutions to the problem, and the extent of the impact of this healthy habit on their lives.

3. Change the timing

This advice was shared by a university doctor with his students when a student complained to him that he could not get up early, so he advised him to change the timing so that it seemed that his bedtime had come two hours early, so suppose he goes to sleep at eleven o’clock, and he wants to sleep at nine to wake up early, so what he should do He is to advance his watch by two hours.

A human being's internal clock is like anything that can be manipulated and tricked, so perhaps all you have to do is set your clock to another known time.

4. Sleep well

It's not all about the mind, the body also has a role. A tired body has greater resistance to waking up early than a healthy body, all you have to do is get enough sleep, do not try to reduce the hours of sleep by large degrees, then you will not be able to wake up, and your night may turn into day and your day into night, try to get your rest during the nap hour Take short breaks while working, and finally go to bed early.

5. Get up a quarter of an hour early every day

One of the useful ways to train yourself is to wake up a quarter of an hour or 10 minutes earlier than your usual time, and do this for two or four days until you get used to it, then if the wake-up time is fixed, you start the matter again, until you reach the hour you want and confirm your early wake-up time after that.

It may seem tedious and slow, but quick changes in your sleeping habits rarely work. You may have already tried waking up early and staying up for a day or two, and then Rima fell back into her old habit. The suggestion in this way is to start step by step until it becomes a natural habit for you.

6. Sleep excited

Another thing that will help you get up early is knowing exactly what you're going to do when you get up. Before you go to sleep, imagine exactly what you will do after you wake up, imagine your enjoyment and enthusiasm as you do it, this matter may be work or a hobby, or perhaps just drinking your favorite drink, and even walking on the street when no one is around.

Before you go to sleep, write down three things you want to do when you wake up and arrange them according to the timing of each of them. The important thing is that these things are among the most exciting things you want to start a new day with.

7. Stay away from the phone or computer

To wake up early, you should not indulge in browsing Facebook, tensing, or talking on screens at night, as you will often end up until midnight or after and sleep mentally and physically tired, so separate the sleeping place from the study place from the workplace, so that you program your mind to sleep directly if What supported your side on the bed.


Now that you've read practical tips on how to wake up early. Are you an early riser, tell us how you do it? What is the effect of that on your work?