Many people have the time, effort, and money to build their own projects, but they do not know where to start or how to find a profitable business idea. without the other. But now, through this article, you can know how to find not only a project idea but a successful project idea.

What do you do to find a successful project idea?

Let me tell you about the answer to the question of how to find a successful project idea with simple points that I hope you will pay close attention to. If I am going to search for a good idea for a profitable project, the first thing I will do is:

1. Solve a problem you are facing

Most of those who want to start their project or company wear the hat of the business owner, while you must understand the problem that you solve first, you must become the owner of the problem, then you will know exactly what needs to be done, whether this problem faces many like you or not.

A simple example might bring you closer to the idea. You work in a specialization, whether a writer, designer, programmer, or marketer. I can't imagine that there aren't problems specific to your specialization that you don't suffer from daily and think of finding solutions to them.

If you are a designer, you may find it difficult to finish your work on time, you may use repetitive shapes in your designs, wouldn't it be easier if you made some brushes to save you time, couldn't you do that for other designers?

The programs you use do not have certain features, can you not cooperate with a programmer or even hire him to do it for you, then sell it, or make it available on the web at a certain subscription price?

Another example is far from specialization. Your problem now is that you do not find a successful business idea.. right? Naturally, you will do some research. Maybe build more than one project, until you discover a shortcut to finding successful ideas.

You have solved a problem that not only you but many others face. Perhaps it is your next startup project, a “smart application for evaluating emerging project ideas” in which it reviews the size of the target market, competitors, customer satisfaction in the market, and so on.

2. Don't ignore small problems

The concept of small and big is a little different in the business world. A small problem that 5 people suffer from is considered small, but is it still small if a million or 5 million people suffer from it? Of course not, imagine for a moment that you made a solution that fit I wouldn't say the five million but at worst a fifth of them, worth one dollar. Won't you make a million dollars?

Perhaps, think for a moment what is the problem that bothers you, even if it is small, do others suffer from it? Do you have the time, effort, and money to provide the most appropriate solution for it among competitors?

3. Ask the question what if.

Well, suppose that all the problems have been solved, there is not even one idea, things are fine, and this solution to that problem is the best solution that can be found, but what if .. what if we change this feature of this product or service (deleting it - modifying it - improve it).

If you asked people what they wanted, they would say, "Faster horses." - Henry Ford

“What if” .. in the business world opens many doors, brings a lot of innovation, do not think about problems, consider the problems solved now, think about solutions, how to make them faster, stronger, bigger, faster .. more efficient. All of these things contain millions of successful project ideas.

4. Excess and scarcity

Providing “excess” accommodation in a certain place during a certain period, on the other hand, it is “rare” to find a way to organize this matter, which resulted in AirBnB being one of the most famous examples of fast-growing startups.

Many startup entrepreneurs who have the time and effort lack funding to establish their projects. On the other hand, individuals and companies are willing to fund these projects. This results in two companies, Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, crowdfunding platforms. Many professional and expert people have time to provide advice for free and in their spare time, on the other hand, many people have questions and things they want to know, about Quora.

Do you see where this matter takes us? Every scarcity you notice is matched by a surplus. You only need someone to be the link between them, which will result in a successful project idea. Every dollar you spend is someone else's income, and every dollar you earn is someone else's dollar.

5. Ideas are free.. what next?

As you can see, ideas are everywhere, free, and neglected as well, waiting for someone to test them, to bring them to the ground, so the short answer to the question “How do you find a successful project idea?” Is picking up any promising idea and implementing it, did not work? Try another, or modify it. The success of any emerging project depends on taking the time to implement the idea, not being stuck in choosing ideas and which one is more successful than the other.

Examples of simple ideas that turned out to be a huge success

Examples abound of simple ideas that turn out to be hugely successful. Below we offer you a quick overview of 4 ideas that started out simple, but with persistence and commitment, they achieved very rewarding financial returns for their owners.

1. How much would you buy your daughter's happiness?

The first idea is with bows, the owners of which are two young married couples who lead a very simple life; Their condition was not well, and they were unable to spend the perfect honeymoon, but - despite what they were suffering from - they decided to search for the idea of ​​getting them out of the darkness of poverty to where they wanted. So they came up with the idea of ​​bows; That simple idea enabled them to achieve $ 60,000 in just eight months after launching the bowknot product, and made them spend 86 days on a fun holiday to compensate for the honeymoon that they had missed, what is this magic product?

How much do you think you buy your daughter's happiness

It is a training course that teaches mothers how to draw happiness on the lips of their daughters; Where she teaches them more than one way to tie their daughters' bows in different shapes; How much do you think you would buy your daughter's happiness?

This was the sentence used to market this training course consisting of a book plus a DVD, which was sold for only $ 27, and although this product was launched in 2008, the couple was able to offer about 6 different products after that, and the number of customers who reached They have sold this product to over 22,000 customers so far.

2. Whatsapp success story

From the success story of the bows product, we move on to the success story of the Whatsapp application. Of course, I will not elaborate on explaining the Whatsapp application, because you definitely know it, but I will quickly tell you the story of Jean Aktum, the owner of the application. Jan was not born into a rich family, but he was born in a small village in Ukraine in 1976, at a time of intense political struggles at the time. And he was forced - when he was 16 years old - to move to the United States of America to live with the poor in California, he, his mother, and his grandmother.

For nearly 5 years, Jan was unable to communicate with his father in Ukraine because of the high rates of calls at the time. After the death of his mother, he had to mop the floors to provide the simple income that his mother used to bring in from her work, and at the same time, he was reading used books and technology magazines.

The idea came from his need to communicate with his father from before; He wanted to provide an application that facilitates the process of communication, and the idea actually started when he bought a phone from Apple and started browsing applications, after which he launched the company in 2007 without having a prior application and then started programming it. He endured ridicule on his application and began to re-develop it over many years, and he believed in the saying “No ads, no games, no tricks”, as his only concern was the customer.

Although he and his friend “Brian Acton” tried to join Facebook and then Twitter to no avail, but for the first time in February 2014 he came out to make a press report in which he told that Facebook had acquired WhatsApp at a value of $ 19 billion. So did the idea of ​​​​the WhatsApp application start very large, or did it start simple and then grow with its owner and transform him from a poor person wiping floors to one of the owners of huge wealth?

Avada 3. The first WordPress theme uploaded with the Forest theme

I will now take you on a quick tour of the success story of the WordPress template, specifically the success story of the first WordPress template that was uploaded to Theme Forest, which is the Avada template for its designer with the code name “ThemeFusion”, which is the best-selling template on Theme Forest as well.


The price of this template is $ 58 and it was sold for 125,528 until the moment I wrote this sentence, and according to a very simple calculation, we get $ 7,280,624 as a result of the sale of this template, and after deducting the Theme Forest commission, which may reach 55%, the designer Theme Fusion will achieve almost half of this amount from the template just one. And if we assume that the template took the designer three months of work, how much is one minute worth after achieving this success?

4. The Flappy Bird that was programmed in two days

From WordPress templates to the Flappy Bird game, which earned its owner about $50,000 a day. He programmed it in two days. Ask the addicts of this game, and you will find their answer directly is “simplicity.” Yes, it is a game that does not take up much space and does not need a space processor to run, and the graphics of the game are very simple, reminding you of the game Mario. Start the game immediately, and stop it at any time you want with the push of a button.

Flappy Bird game has succeeded despite its simplicity to the extent that the owner of the game himself was surprised by this success, and the secret to the success of the game from my point of view was simplicity, and the programmer's interest in the customer first and foremost.

Let's talk about you for a bit. Are you a writer, designer, or programmer to do something with your life? You can start implementing a simple idea, it is not a requirement that you start with money; All the stories I mentioned above started with almost no money, and it is not a requirement that you have a Ph.D. from an international university to succeed. Create something of value, and sell it as part of the microservices on Fiverr.

We await your enrichment of the article by answering the question “How do you find a successful project idea?” If you have already built your emerging project and skipped the research and planning stage.