Your way to design personal cards that express you professionally

Many people think that designing personal cards is only for business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals, while it is an important tool for all employees, freelancers, and professionals of all specializations. Therefore, it is important to recognize the importance of designing personal cards to benefit from them in expanding the network of acquaintances and professional relationships.

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What are business cards?

Personal cards are considered one of the most important marketing tools for professionals, business owners, commercial activities, professionals, and independents of all specializations, as they are used to promote the person and the services he provides or the business he runs.

Business cards are small cards the size of a pocket or a personal wallet, and they can be electronic. Brief information is placed on them to facilitate the marketing of their company or services, in addition to their contact information.

The importance of designing personal cards

The personal card must accompany you wherever you go because you never know who you will meet and when you will need it. There are many benefits that you should know about the importance of personal card design and why you should get one, here are the most important ones:

1. Personal cards indicate professionalism

It will benefit you to have your own personal card design, as this is an important indicator of the extent of your competence, professionalism, and professionalism, which helps you easily build a diverse network of relationships and then develop your career.

2. Business cards make a positive first impression

Designing a personal card that suits you will definitely express you, your personality and your style of work, and it will leave a good impression on you and, likely, it will always be with everyone who will receive your card. Remember that positive impressions contribute to enhancing your chances of standing out.

3. Personal cards contribute to enhancing awareness of your brand

By obtaining distinctive personal card designs, you will contribute to creating more awareness of your brand , which makes business card design an integral part of your marketing campaign for your business.

4. Business cards help people remember you

Any personal card is a way to help people remember who you are and what services you provide, in addition to providing people interested in communicating with you with the necessary information that they will find on the personal card.

What should be put in the personal card?

When designing a personal card, it is necessary to take care of what you will put within the card. As we said, the personal card expresses you, and your purpose is to facilitate people's access to you when they need your services. So, here's what you should put on your personal card:

1. Your name

It is obvious that your name is the first part that you will put on the personal card, but you have to choose the name that you want customers to know you by. Is it your double or triple name? Is it an alternate name you chose for professional reasons? Is there an abbreviation you'd like to put before the name like: d. So and so, these are all details you have to take into account.

2. Your specialty or field of work

This part is placed below the name, and indicates your field of specialization or work. Make sure this section is clear, easy to understand, and accurately and briefly describes the services you provide. Also, try to avoid using long styles that will take on more volume than intended.

3. Contact numbers

You need to put your number in a clear font so that your customers can reach you easily and quickly. It is possible that you have several numbers, for example: a landline number and a mobile number, just make sure to include the numbers that you actually use to answer and communicate with customers.

4. Your address

Whether you own a business such as a photography studio or a company that has its own geographical location, it would be useful to put the company's address while designing the personal card, while making sure that the address is as clear as possible so that it is easy to reach you.

5. Your addresses on social media and the Internet

If you have accounts on social media platforms or a website, you can put them on your profile. Be sure to put accounts that provide content that improves your professional image and shows your skills and the quality of your services .

6. QR code

The QR code is one of the latest details used in the design of personal cards, as most people rely on it to scan the code and quickly access the website or others without having to type a website or contact number.

Personal card QR code

How to design a personal card

The personal card is your identity, so it is necessary to choose the design that matches your field of work. For example, your business card design, if you are a lawyer, will be different than your business card if you are a fashion designer. Here are the most important things to know to design a uniquely personal card that suits you:

Choose the right fonts and colors

The font must be legible whatever type you choose, taking into account that it is not large in size so that it does not take up too much space. As for the colors, of course, the choice of colors should be consistent and befitting your profession. For example, if you're a lawyer, darker colors would be more appropriate for your personal ball than light colors.

Choose the right fonts and colors

Card shape and size

With the advancement of printing technologies, you have several options regarding the shape of the card, either rectangular, square, or other shapes. You can choose sharp or rounded corners. The most important thing is that the shape and size of the card fit the size of the pocket or personal wallet.

Information organization

After you decide what information to put on the card, make sure that each piece of information is clearly readable. Also, make sure that the addresses of the social media pages have their platform logo next to them, the same applies to phone numbers, put a landline or mobile phone icon next to them.

Your personal logo

Whether you have your own logo or your company, it is preferable to place it within the design in a prominent and appropriate place. One strategy when designing a professional business card is to dedicate one side of the card to the logo and the other side to the rest of the information.

Good distribution of items

Care must be taken to distribute the elements appropriately within the card, leaving some space. To avoid crowding the card with many elements, which will cause difficulty in drawing the reader's attention to important details and will give a negative impression of you.

Personal card design software

There are many programs for designing personal cards, most notably Photoshop, and all of them need professionals to obtain distinctive personal card designs, so we advise you to seek the help of a professional designer through the Fiverr platform, the most famous Arab market for buying and selling microservices. You will find all services for designing personal cards online, and you can choose one of them to get your own unique personal card.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of business cards?

The Standard Business Card measures approximately 8.9 cm in width and 5.1 cm in height. In general, it is important that the dimensions match as closely as possible to the dimensions of a personal ID, credit or bank card.

What type of font is suitable for a personal card?

The 7 best fonts used in designing cards in English are:

  • Times New Roman
  • Baskerville
  • Helvetica
  • Futura
  • Myriad Pro
  • Leyton
  • Black Caviar

While the 7 best fonts used in designing cards in Arabic are:

  • Sheet
  • Kahlil
  • Mustapha
  • Khadijah
  • Assyam
  • Samir
  • Tharwat

In any case, if you own a commercial identity design, it will be necessary to adhere to its font, and you can also create your own distinctive font by requesting its design from a professional on the Fiverr platform.

What is the appropriate font size for a personal card?

There is no specific size, but the appropriate size ranges from 10 to 16 for the name and specialty, while the font size for contact information ranges from 8 to 10, and the font size on the personal card must not be less than 8.

What is the appropriate language for the personal card?

You definitely need to design a personal card in your mother tongue. You can make one side of the card in Arabic and the other in English in case you want to reduce costs, or you can design two cards, one in Arabic and the other in English.

If you are interested in promoting your business, you must be prepared in all situations, and here comes the role of the personal card in your wallet, as it enables you to take advantage of any opportunity that you may encounter to expand the circle of your beneficiaries, whether you are a project owner or to reach new projects if you are independent.