One of the biggest reasons that prevent us from achieving our goals and getting what we want is that we tend to rely on the comfort and the usual routine that we live in, or the so-called comfort zone a state in which one feels safe or comfortable, and an expression of our refusal to change, with all that It carries hardships, fatigue, challenges, and perhaps pain as well. According to one scientific definition, your comfort zone is a sequential place where your activities and behaviors fit into a routine and pattern that reduces stress and risks. It provides a state of mental security, which you benefit from in obvious ways: regular happiness, and anxiety. Low, low stress.


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone - Neil D. Walsh

Getting out of the comfort zone takes a lot of work but it is necessary to achieve the progress and success that we aspire to and is key to achieving goals and turning dreams into reality, as it allows more opportunities in life, and creates good enough pressure to increase our focus, creativity, and productivity, and expand our horizons, and make significant changes Clarity in our lives, and helps us respond to life's challenges when unexpected things happen.

Do you want to get out of your comfort zone? Here are some ideas:

Change the way you think

Change the way you think

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “You are what you think.” Our thoughts profoundly affect who we will become and our lifestyle. Change is often uncomfortable and an arduous process, but it is natural and necessary that can help us move towards what we want.

Change the way you talk to yourself, the conversations you have all the time with yourself are reflected in your reality, that is, change your internal intellectual dialogue and the stories you tell yourself about yourself, and to start with that, retrain your mind by creating affirmations about what you want to be for those affirmations to be Part of your belief system, for example, you must choose between two discourses, to turn it into a permanent dialogue with yourself: (I am a successful person) / (I am a failure).

To achieve what you aspire to, you need to match your way of thinking with your aspirations, to reap positive changes as well. Find out what your fears are, be strict in overcoming fear, anxiety, and hesitation, get rid of complaining, complaining, and self-flagellation, and surround yourself with people who fit the new, promising way of thinking.

Change your habits

Change your habits

“Unsuccessful people are highly skilled, they are just so good at avoiding success by engaging in bad habits.” George J. Zyugas

You cannot wait for success to happen, you must strive for it to come to you, staying within a routine pattern of specific habits attracts you strongly to stay in the comfort circle, you will always be comfortable with what you used to do, and you will always think that what you do is comfortable and suits you, but if you want to get out Exploring what is outside your comfort zone should begin with another important step, which is changing your daily habits.

Start first by changing the negative or bad habits in your life. If you want to get up early to exercise, read or meditate, you must get rid of the habit of surfing the Internet, watching programs, or chatting late at night. For every positive habit you win, you will have to To get rid of another negative habit, and focus on developing habits that will make you make smarter decisions.

If you want to be successful, explore the habits that can make you successful. If you want, for example, to be more productive, you can read this article to discover a new concept about habits that will make you more productive. Whatever you want to achieve, you must build the necessary habits that will help you. in achieving it.

Start with small steps

Start with small steps

“You will never change your life until you get out of your comfort zone; Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Roy Bennett

Change may be stressful, which makes you frustrated and prefer to stay in the space that gives you comfort and safety, so do not try to jump out of your comfort zone at once, learn something new every day, learn a different habit each time, get rid of a negative habit gradually..etc.

Harvard researcher Teresa Amabile found that the most powerful work motivator in the workplace was the small progress made every day. Her research also revealed that the thing that hurt results in the most was when one experienced failures. achieve better results.

Set a goal that is realistic and achievable within a certain time frame, then create a plan with action steps, and take a small daily action to achieve that goal, for example, if you want to overcome your fear of public speaking, start by taking every opportunity to speak to small groups of people around you You can try it with your family and friends.

Recording small daily changes and victories will be your key to change. The closer you get to your goal, the more willing you will be to work towards achieving it. Do not aspire to perfection. You can make mistakes and fail and go back to learn from your mistake and failure and try every time.

Challenge yourself and learn to take risks

Challenge yourself and learn to take risks

It is said: (Not taking risks, is the biggest risk). The mind is usually a lazy organ, and it wants to keep you safe and keep you away from risks, so you may overlook your need for change and growth, be content with the status quo, and committed to staying in your comfort zone, so changing This situation is not an easy task, it takes a lot of courage, patience and time, and the best way to achieve the desired big change is to dare to challenge yourself.

The deliberate challenge pushes you forward, and little by little, your ability to rise to higher and better levels improves. It also helps you define your goals and priorities, know your strengths and enhance your mental and psychological health. It nourishes your mind, sparks creativity within you, gives you courage, and increases your confidence. It creates more opportunities to discover new things about yourself and to gain awareness, knowledge, and skills.

To get out of your comfort zone and explore the world around you Put yourself in a challenging situation Choose a task you are not sure you will do Be honest with yourself when you try to make excuses Find out the unfamiliar Take the initiative Be disciplined Work hard Change develop Yourself, learn to take calculated risks, to be the best you can be.

Reward yourself

Reward yourself

“Emotions create habits,” says BJ Fogg, an experimental psychologist at Stanford University. “When you do a little habit, reward yourself with, ‘Wow! or “I did something good!” “To assure yourself that this is the behavior you are proud of.”

The successful entrepreneur Tony Robbins team collects, organizes, and shares Tony Robbin's stories and their basic principles with the audience. The team summarizes the importance of the self-reward experience as follows: (It is important to reward yourself and your team once you complete a major task or goal, by rewarding yourself at that moment. Your brain triggers positive feelings, which leads to the realization that your efforts lead to a positive reward. By doing this consistently, your brain will begin to associate pleasure with the accomplishment of a task or goal and move towards it in the future.)

Take some time to record your victories and how you managed to get out of your comfort zone and prepare to celebrate and reward yourself for the progress you have made. That is to remain interested and motivated to complete your goals, and stay outside the comfort zone while celebrating achievements increases your continued success, helps you see what you miss when you commit to staying in your comfort zone, and opens the door to more success on your way, as success breeds more success.

You can celebrate small successes on a daily or weekly basis, or your achievements every month, and the celebration can be simple and inexpensive, such as thanking yourself, or buying yourself a meal you love, celebrating after achieving the gains reinforces the positive behavior and the behavior that you must do When faced with a new challenge or opportunity,

What do you do to get out of your comfort zone? Share some of your thoughts with us in the comments below.