How to increase YouTube views using 8 golden methods


 YouTube has become a destination for over two billion monthly active users, and has become one of the most prominent and powerful marketing, advertising, and promotional tools ever. So if you have your own channel on YouTube and aspire to increase YouTube views and attract a large number of followers to your channel, you must have a solid strategy for that.

Why YouTube over any other platform?

 You may wonder if YouTube is the best platform to invest your time, effort, and money in order to launch your promising projects through it. In fact, we will not answer this question ourselves, and we will leave the following statistics to speak and give us a definitive answer:

  • YouTube has over 2 billion monthly registered users, and this number is actually much lower than the real number because viewers can watch videos on YouTube without the need to log in.
  • YouTube is the second most visited website on the internet, directly after Google, and the second largest social media platform after its fierce competitor, Facebook.
  • The amount of time users around the world spend watching YouTube videos exceeds the billion-hour mark, a huge number that strongly indicates the amount of time users spend watching YouTube videos.
  • The average time users spend daily on YouTube is 42 minutes, divided between 10-15 different videos, meaning that you have golden opportunities to attract the attention of thousands, if not millions, of users every day.
  • 70% of users stated that they bought a particular brand after seeing it on YouTube, whether through YouTube ads or through the video content itself.
  • 55% of online marketers use YouTube to market their products or services through videos, making YouTube marketing one of the most popular forms of marketing.
  • YouTube is available in more than 100 countries and in more than 80 languages, meaning that you can overcome language barriers and move your company or institution from local to global with little effort and patience.
  • 33% of the baby boomer generation, those who were born after World War II, rely on YouTube to find out more information about a specific product or service. In other words, you have a great opportunity to win this large group of important consumers and turn them into potential customers.
  • Youtube provide the YouTube Studio that is a platform for creators on YouTube to manage their channels and content. It provides tools for creators to upload and edit their videos, manage comments and community settings, view analytics and metrics on their channel's performance, and more. Creators can access YouTube Studio by signing in to their YouTube account and clicking on the "YouTube Studio" link in the top-right corner of the screen. It is designed to be a one-stop-shop for creators to manage their channels and grow their audiences on YouTube with YouTube Studio.

The Golden Guide to Increase YouTube Views

Increasing subscribers to your YouTube channel and increasing the viewing rates of your YouTube channel are two sides of the same coin, and both are the basis for the success of any marketing or promotional project on YouTube. The golden question here remains: How can I increase YouTube views? Does it require a lot of effort? Is it that complicated?

Well, it's definitely not complicated, but it requires good investment in time, effort, and even financial resources if you want to create a distinctive channel that earns you successes, whether you plan to invest it in marketing your company's services or products, or you want to start a successful freelance career through YouTube.

Below are the most prominent steps and strategies that will help you increase YouTube views and gain the largest number of followers for your channel:

Marketing your YouTube channel

Properly marketing your channel is the key to success, and by proper marketing, we mean marketing that targets the audience interested in the content you are launching through your channel. Here are the most prominent marketing channels that you can use to promote your YouTube channel content:
  • Social media platforms
Social media platforms are a powerful marketing tool, with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram being at the forefront. If you have a page for yourself or your company, you can showcase your channel's videos to your audience and followers through those platforms. This will save you a lot of trouble and help you take long strides when creating a YouTube channel and promoting it.
  • Email marketing
It is also an important marketing tool. You will need an accurate list of customer or audience email addresses that you want to target through your YouTube channel content. Creating such a list is not an easy task, but there are many tools that can help you with email marketing, such as AWeber and Drip.
  • Promoting through your website
If you already have a website and a good base of followers and visitors, promoting your YouTube channel through it will be a significant step. You can post links to your videos on your website or embed them directly on your site. This will increase the chances of people finding your content and subscribing to your channel.
  • Collaboration with other YouTube channels
Collaborating with other successful YouTube channels in your niche or related to your content can help increase your exposure and attract new subscribers to your channel. You can collaborate on a video, mention each other in your videos or cross-promote your channels.
  • Optimizing your videos for search engines
Optimizing your videos for search engines will help them appear in search results, making it easier for people to find them. Use relevant keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags to improve their chances of being discovered through search engines.

Targeting the audience accurately is essentialto increase YouTube views.

To do this, you need to identify the characteristics of your target audience through your channel. What's the point of publishing specialized content in technology when you're trying to promote entrepreneurial consulting services through your channel, for example?

You must first focus on the nature of the target audience. What type of content attracts their attention? What are their interests and hobbies? How do they perceive YouTube video content? You must gather all possible details about the target audience and prioritize their interests and topics that attract them when creating your video content.

Specialize your channel in a specific field.

You might think that it's good to release diverse videos in different fields for your audience through your channel, but that will scatter your followers. Your channel's nature should be specific, and that will help you in several ways, including:

  • Professionalizing your content: By specializing in a specific type of content, you will be able to release professional and useful content.
  • Easier competition: If you specialize your channel in a specific direction, you will find fewer competitors for you on the YouTube platform, as many channel owners scatter their content in all fields and do not specialize in a particular field.
  • Ease of preparation: When you get used to creating a specific type of content, you will soon find yourself launching videos at a faster rate because you have simply mastered the creation of that content specifically.

Good content is the golden standard for success.

 Regardless of marketing strategies and content delivery methods on your channel, the quality of the content is the determining factor and the main driver in increasing YouTube views and attracting new subscribers to your channel. We cannot determine what you should present on your channel as you have control over it, but we can provide some general tips to ensure good and unique content for your followers:

  • The content should be valuable and scientifically or practically beneficial. In other words, the follower should feel that the minutes spent on the video resulted in additional knowledge and benefit for them.
  • Try to provide all the tools, means, and illustrative programs that help you convey the information to the follower without any confusion or ambiguity. A follower who accidentally comes across a video in your channel and finds the information useful and clear will quickly turn into a subscriber to your channel and may suggest it to his friends and acquaintances and may also share its content through social media.
  • Try not to make the content you offer directed to conflicting parties so as not to generate negative interactions and sharp discussions between video followers. In addition, reducing the number of negative likes on the video greatly improves its appearance in Google search results.
  • Make sure to provide different and new content, as followers tend to share strange materials on social media to be the first to share them, and this will increase your popularity and contribute to increasing YouTube channel subscribers.
  • Let the content in channel videos be related to each other. This will help the follower link the content of your channel as a whole and facilitate the follow-up process for them, as well as strengthen the link between your channel and a specific type of scientific or practical fields, making it the primary source of that information for followers.

Pay attention to details.

 Often, users search for specific details in a field and do not find any satisfactory results that meet their needs. Here comes the importance and power of attention to details in your videos, as you will be among the few sources that display those details and thus attract a larger audience to your channel.

Professional YouTube SEO

"Mastering the concept of "Search Engine Optimization (SEO)" is one of the essential steps towards increasing views on YouTube and promoting your channel. All the steps and strategies we have mentioned and will mention will have limited benefits if you do not invest a good amount of time in preparing the SEO of your YouTube channel.

By optimizing the YouTube search engine, we mean being able to appear in the search results on search engines in general and Google in particular when users search for keywords related to the content you display. Topping the search results is not an impossible task, so have confidence in yourself. In the following, we will provide you with the most prominent strategies that will help you improve the SEO of your YouTube channel and compete with the top videos for the top of search results:

Choose your keywords carefully

Carefully select your keywords, as they are the first steps towards mastering SEO. You should choose appropriate and content-related keywords for your video, and create a list of those keywords, then select the ones that are most relevant to your content. Here are some useful tips and methods for preparing that list and choosing the appropriate keywords:

  • One of the simplest ways to determine relevant keywords for your video content is to enter those keywords in the search field on Google or YouTube itself. For example, if you want to create a video that explains everything related to the WordPress platform, by typing "WordPress" into Google or YouTube, a list of the most popular keywords that users search for in this subject will appear.
  • You can rely on some free and paid tools to determine the main and sub-keywords and the level of competition on them, and one of the most famous of these tools is Google Keyword Planner.
  • Google search engine tends to show YouTube videos at the top of search results for certain keywords that users usually search for along with the main keyword. For example, the word "how to", if the user types it before "creating WordPress", YouTube videos will appear at the top of the search results.
  • Other helpful keywords that can help your video appear at the top of the search results include guide, preparation, how to do this, review of how to do that, and others.

  • use YouTube Studio for better controll

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Google search engine tends to show YouTube videos at the top of search results for certain words that users usually search for and write with the main keyword. For example, the word "how to", if the user wrote it before the word "create WordPress," it will appear at the forefront of search results.

Attracting the viewer's attention for as long as possible is crucial.

 Why should you try to make viewers watch the entire video or at least a significant part of it? The answer is simple: YouTube said so. The YouTube platform has stated that one of the most important criteria for YouTube SEO is user watch time of videos. What does this mean?

This means that videos that attract users' attention and keep them watching for a long time have the greatest chance of appearing at the top of search results. Therefore, it is essential to try to capture the viewers' attention during the video through good, engaging, and concise content.

Here are three simple but very effective golden strategies to achieve this:

  • 20% of subscribers leave the video within the first ten seconds because the presenter or content does not indicate that it is the content they are looking for. This means that you should tell the viewer at the beginning of the video that they are in the right place and link it to the content they are looking for, and let them know that the video will fulfill their needs.
  • You should jump straight into the heart of the content without lengthy or distracting introductions. The viewer wants to get the information they are looking for as quickly as possible.
  • Make the video as short as possible while covering all the details that the viewer is looking for. Viewers usually shy away from long videos unless the information they are looking for requires detail and lengthy explanation.
  • and again you can use YouTube Studio

Balancing the four golden standards

 in addition to choosing the right keywords and attracting viewers' attention, there are four basic standards that contribute significantly to increasing YouTube views and improving the SEO of your channel. Therefore, you should aim to balance them and invest in them well on your channel. These four standards are:

  • Comments

When a follower leaves a comment on your video, this sends a strong signal to YouTube that the video content was useful and enjoyable or at least attracted the viewer's attention to the extent that he interacted with it through comments. Your role here is to encourage the follower to leave his opinions or inquiries through comments and continuously respond to them.

  • Subscriptions

Like comments, the viewer's subscription to your channel after watching one of your videos encourages YouTube to evaluate your channel and content positively. How can you increase the subscribers of your YouTube channel? Simply ask your followers to subscribe at the end of the video, it is a very effective way.

  • Shares

Another important engine for attracting viewers and giving a strong SEO boost to the site, as the follower's sharing of one of the channel's videos, whether on a website or on social media, will tell YouTube that your content is distinctive and has driven followers to share it. So, there is no harm in encouraging followers to share the video.

  • Click-through rate (CTR)

This is the rate at which browsers enter your video after it appears in search results or suggestions. The higher the click-through rate, the higher your site's rating in search results and vice versa. How can you improve the click-through rate? Well, you need to attract the viewer's attention through the video title and thumbnail image. Try to make both of them attractive and distinctive.

Work on channel details

One of the important steps that help you increase YouTube views on your channel is to put channel information and data clearly for browsers. The data includes the following elements:

  • Logo: should be clear, attractive, and memorable
  • Cover image: should reflect the content of the channel and be attractive
  • Description: should contain a clear summary of the channel's content and be optimized with the right keywords
  • Links: should include links to the channel's social media pages and website (if any)

By balancing these four standards and optimizing your channel details, you can significantly increase your YouTube views and improve your channel's SEO.

Complying with YouTube's Policies

If you do not want YouTube to blacklist your channel, you must be well acquainted with all the details of YouTube's usage policies. It is not that complicated; you will need to allocate some time and write down the key points that you should avoid when using YouTube.

You can access YouTube's policies and usage policies through the main website, and this is a direct link to the policies page. Make sure to read them carefully; a few minutes of your time may save you a lot of trouble and problems with YouTube management.


Increasing views on your YouTube channel and competing with famous channels is not a fantasy. All you need to do is to create a well-organized plan and strategy to follow in publishing video content and avoid publishing random and irrelevant content. The guide we have provided will make this task easier for you, and with some patience and a good dose of determination and dedication, you will be able to compete even with the most famous channels and even surpass them. It only takes determination and smart work.

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