In many cases, selling digital products requires you to present good offers to customers that include more than one product or service. Some are good at that, while others do their job and lose. What is the reason for the success of some offers over others, and is it required that they be at a lower price than the total prices of the products included in the offer? We'll learn how to create promotions that not only benefit you but also make your customers happy.

What is supply and what does it consist of?

In the world of sales and commerce, the owner of the product or service tends to present an offer that includes more value than the price you deserve, taking advantage of human nature in the love of obtaining a group of products or services at an appropriate price. The offer usually consists of the following :

1. Essential product

It is the product around which the offer revolves, and in the case of digital products here, it can be a book, an app, a WordPress template …etc. It is the main thing with the highest value in the offer, and it does not have to be of low quality to use an offer to sell it. In fact, this method may bring more loss, but keep in mind that it is the one that will attract the attention of the consumer, so it must be of high quality.

2. Plugins

It is what you add to the sales package to convince the consumer to buy without hesitation. For example, in the case of a book, it may be several articles collected, in the case of the WordPress template, it may be technical support for a month. Thus, it varies according to the nature of the main product and the nature of your competence as a seller and provider of the product.

3. Terms of the offer

It is the set of rules and principles that you define for the offer, based on which the consumer will accept or reject it. For example, if the consumer rushes to buy before a certain date, he will take a discounted price, and the closer he gets to this date, the higher the price. Perhaps the closest example to this case is the New Year's Eve shows that are held in some countries around the world.

How do you make the offer compelling?

No one will buy from you just because the package is cheap or the add-ons for the offer are many, few maybe, but you will not get the number of sales that you aspire to until your offer becomes profitable. First of all, planning any offer for you is to make it convincing, as it makes customers more comfortable when buying. You can imagine someone making a bad product, then putting together some extras and finally making an offer that they want people to buy.

When the consumer understands why you are making this offer, he will be encouraged to take the first step, which is to think about buying, but if you try to deceive him, he will not even think about buying from you. Just remember that the compelling reason may not depend on the topic of the price, you may bid more expensive and get more sales with it.

One of the reasons you may have to make good offers for your customers is the holidays and time events, which you can take advantage of, in return, maybe pre-launch offers and making product prototypes available at a good price.

First: the simplification method

If your customers have this thinking about the price like they can't buy, I don't have the money right now, I can't afford this amount...etc. of the obstacles that prevent the consumer from buying. You can use some techniques, such as simplifying the offer and writing it well to show that the price of your offer is not difficult to manage, the idea is to remind them that they always spend their money and that it is simpler than that.

Usually, the difficulty of buying is not that they can't pay the money, but that they can't imagine themselves paying you for that offer or product. You can simply compare your offer to something they will spend money on, such as buying a cup of coffee or spending money on transportation if your offer is similar to these prices, just choose something suitable to compare against.

Second: change the price position

Another way to address the objection to the price is to change its position on the sales page and provide more than one option to the consumer. For example, you can provide the option “The price is expensive, I cannot pay it” for the consumer to click on, so he finds the options that you specified for him, so he can pay a lower price to get the offer without a specific addition.

Third: appropriate additions

Appropriate additions are one of the important elements for the success of the offer, which makes the offer irresistible, and with which you can easily convince your customers to accept the offer and even flock to it, and it is divided into two types:

  • Help extras

They are the additions that make the use of the product easier, such as a booklet explaining how the application works, or an Excel file for exercises accompanying the educational products.

  • Complementary add-ons

They are good additions and something similar to the customer's gift for purchasing the basic product, for example, as a set of open source PSD files for modification, in addition to the basic product, which may be the design of a commercial website.

Offers are a great way to sell, using them to provide suitable options for clients and customers, which will increase your sales and build credibility and reliability for the category of customers you target. Try to present compelling offers with distinctive additions so that you can reach your goal.