Finding YouTube channel ideas for children and creating their own content is one of the most successful projects, but it is also a difficult field and carries many risks due to the significant restrictions that the platform places on children's content creators, as well as the pressures directed to protect children online.

But the content creator who wants to provide value and benefit to children knows this very well and understands that it involves hard work and requires careful preparation before starting the project, such as identifying the target group and finding suitable ideas for children that distinguishes them from the crowd of YouTube children’s content creators. How can you get started? What are the things you should consider during the planning stages of channel content?

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YouTube and children: a detailed view

YouTube platform moderators set rules and guidelines governing the process of creating content and creating YouTube videos for children, with the primary purpose of protecting children from content that promotes harmful behaviors, such as content that focuses on excessive consumption and content that encourages bad behavior such as bullying and ridiculing others.

Likewise, the YouTube guidelines are keen to provide the maximum educational experience on the platform for children, as it sets strict principles regarding educational content directed to children, and works as much as possible to limit educational clips that are inappropriate for children, whether those that contain incorrect information or the way they are presented is not suitable for children. , such as content that includes scenes of violence.

In addition, the platform takes into account the digital well-being of children and pushes towards promoting digital health, as it sets controls that prevent practices that may negatively affect a child's mentality, such as video clips that use characters familiar to children in an inappropriate way.

Starting in 2020, after implementing the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) on Google services, the platform requires all YouTube creators to specify whether their channels are made for kids, and also provides a third option for the creator, which is to fill in Each video details each video with information about whether the video is 'Made for Kids' or 'Not Made for Kids'.

The YouTube platform prevents the spread of poor-quality content that violates the guidelines. On the other hand, it promotes high-quality children's videos that encourage good behavior and good deeds in children.

Regulations and practices for publishing YouTube videos for children

It is determined if the content of the channel is directed toward children by several factors (which we will mention later). On the one hand, the content creator has to decide what type of content it is, and whether or not it targets children as the primary audience of the video.

The YouTube platform also operates special algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques to know, identify and classify the type of content. However, these algorithms, as YouTube's guidelines describe them, are neither accurate nor completely reliable. It requires the collaboration of users and content creators to enhance compliance with relevant laws and to create safer viewing experiences for children.

YouTube imposes heavy penalties on those who violate the rules and guidelines related to the process of making and publishing content directed to children, and the penalty may reach the deletion of the channel or video permanently, or the cancellation of the contract with “YouTube Partner Program”, or disabling the profit-making features for content creators, and the penalties may exceed up to Pay a fine.

YouTube's rules clearly prohibit the collection of viewer data if the video content is directed to children, and will also disable some features, including:

  • Turn off personalized ads (so creators may see a decrease in revenue).
  • Disable info cards and end screens.
  • Turn off autoplay for videos.
  • Disable YouTube Stories creation.
  • Turn off the Forum or Community tab.
  • No watermark was added.
  • Disable bell notifications.
  • Viewers not being able to save videos, watch them later, or save them to a playlist.

What are the factors determining whether a video falls under “children’s content” or not?

YouTube's policies take several factors into account when determining whether video content is targeted to children, including:

  • Is the topic of the video related to children?
  • Have you identified children as the primary target audience for the video?
  • Does the video include characters, celebrities, or toys that kids love, including animated characters and cartoon characters?
  • Does the video include activities that attract children?
  • Does the video include songs, stories, or poems that children will love?
  • Are you using language and tone intended for children?

These are questions that you must look for answers to before you create your YouTube channel. And after you know the legal dimensions and controls of children's content, you are ready to start creating content and choosing the appropriate ideas, which we will discuss in the next part.

YouTube channel ideas for kids

When you start a YouTube channel for children, you must first define the main ideas for the content that you will provide on the channel so that the viewer can guess the ideas of the video that you intend to download every day: will you provide content games, challenges or educational content for children?

If you succeed in owning your own idea and building a loyal community around it, then you are more than halfway there. Below we will discuss 10 YouTube channel ideas for children that you can draw inspiration from, develop and start implementing immediately:

1. Unboxing of Toys

This type of video is among the most popular in successful children's channels, which quickly become popular on the YouTube platform, as curiosity drives children to watch such clips to find out what is hidden in the closed boxes.

Despite the simplicity of the idea, it garners millions of views on children's YouTube channels. On the other hand, these ideas and the keywords associated with them are witnessing great competition, which requires you to make a great effort in preparing this type of content, distinguishing and developing your channel ideas, to achieve acceptable success.

2. Vlogging

These videos are among the most popular children's YouTube channel ideas on the platform, and they are always a huge success if they are well and uniquely prepared. Especially those channels that create videos documenting and blogging about the lifestyle of children, or what are usually called “Life Style” channels.

These clips are achieving great success due to the love of children - the target group of these videos - to explore and learn about the surrounding environment. Like Nastya Show can be taken as an example of the success of this type of channel, and how it attracts a large audience.

3. Arts and crafts

This field or specialized content is a great opportunity and a good space to present your creativity to people. If you are talented in something and you have the skill to present this talent to children, your videos will be widely circulated, as many users search for children's channels that offer this type of videos, until they find activities that they enjoy with their children. Many parents also want to learn how to do various crafts and DIY projects that keep their kids entertained.

4. Children's songs

This type of video brings a lot of views and subscribers because children love to hear rhymes, songs, and beautiful sounds. It is not at all surprising that the video with the most views in the history of YouTube is the video of the famous children's song Baby Shark, which has crossed the barrier of 10 billion views, as well as the first Arabic song to exceed the barrier of one billion views on the YouTube platform, it is a song directed to children called “These Chicks, How Sweet”.

For this type of content, you first need to produce the songs and then decide how you will present them. For example, you can create animated clips throughout the video, or shoot live clips of the kids performing the song.

You need equipment and talents to implement this type of content, starting from the content writing stages, through the audio recording stages, and finally the video production and editing stage. You can use the microservices on the Fiverr website to attract freelancers and Arab talents in the areas of producing, composing, and editing voices. To carry out your work and produce it with high quality.

5. Educational videos

Entertainment content indeed has a wider reach than any other type among children, but educational content is also very popular, especially among parents who push children to watch videos aimed at educating them.

If you are good at teaching children something new, such as providing information about animals or teaching foreign languages, or teaching how to pronounce letters correctly, it is a good idea to start by creating content around those topics. No matter what topic you choose to create content around, make sure that you use an easy-to-understand tone and language while presenting information to children so that the child will like and enjoy it.

6. Create comedy videos for kids

Creating satirical or comic content that deals with topics and scenarios related to children and adolescents is one of the most successful children’s YouTube channel ideas that you can start with immediately, as children love funny and meaningful videos at the same time, and their parents always watch them.

7. Telling children's stories

If you are a talented storyteller who is good at storytelling skills, it is good that you use these skills to create a YouTube channel for children, and you will definitely find widespread popularity and success in this field, because children always love to hear stories and prefer them over any other content. If you can create strong and competitive content in this field, it is expected that you will become a friend of children at all times before bedtime and during trips.

Do you need a content writer who is good at storytelling skills to produce interactive stories for you to tell on your channel? Search the website of the five for microservices!

8. Game reviews

Children's toys rating and review clips are good ideas for making YouTube videos for children, and they are widely spread and very popular among children. The idea is based on shooting a video while you are playing a specific game, reviewing its features, and expressing your opinions about it.

If you can provide strong content in this field, you may earn an excellent income. When you succeed in attracting a wide audience and building a loyal community for your channel ideas, which constantly watches your review clips, it is expected that the manufacturers of games will contact you and ask you to review their products in return for a fee.

9. Meaningful video ideas for children

You can customize your channel to create educational videos that address meaningful topics for children, highlighting cases that children suffer from, and how they can deal with these cases, such as cases of bullying in schools.

10. Teaching programming to children

This idea is among the most prominent ideas of YouTube channels for children in today’s list, as this field is very fertile, and although it is a popular topic, there are a few content makers who deal with this topic and create high-quality educational clips in a smooth manner that explains technical concepts to children.

If you have skills that help you explain complex concepts and things in a simple way to children, it would be great to create a YouTube channel for children that share technical topics with them and teaches them future skills.

Finally, making YouTube videos for kids, and the content industry in general, is a challenging business that involves many tasks, and it takes a long time to produce good works that are popular with children, and you need time to find the path to success. Therefore, you have to be patient and smart, take viewers' opinions into account and see what works for them and leave out what's not, to be able to consistently create high-quality content.


In conclusion, we would like to warn that the ideas of YouTube channels for children are not limited to the ideas mentioned above, but rather we mentioned them to stimulate your mind and stimulate your thinking so that you can be inspired by the ideas and develop on them; To come up with your unique idea and see the light. Remember that the secret to success in this industry is excellence and uniqueness of content, so it is always beneficial to think outside the box.