Self-Learning Is Your Spark to Start a Great Career


With the availability of educational courses and free resources, self-learning has become easier than it used to be. A person can obtain a good education to start developing himself and building his skills. Learning in itself does not have to depend on academic experiences from school and university only. Learning is a life journey that a person lives from The first moment he can read.

Whatever your concerns or workloads, dedicating some time to learning and acquiring new skills can change your life and increase your income for the better. Fiverr sellers depend on some skills to provide their services on the site, and with continuous learning, the seller can provide different services with high quality.

What are the most popular sources of learning?

Internet resources are now more than ever, and on YouTube alone there is a huge amount of educational videos in almost all fields, as well as several courses offered by different universities around the world free of charge for all, and with some research and exploration, you can find what you want in different disciplines.

The most famous online learning sites are Coursera, edX, and khan academy. All that requires you to learn on these sites is some time and enthusiasm to continue and practice what you learn. You can also search for distance training services and learn from other users at great prices.

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Tips for self-learning:

The biggest mistake you can make during your learning journey is believing that learning resources are everything. Finding good content is only the beginning and the second step is sticking to this content. If you have tried over and over to complete some educational courses but have not succeeded, here are some guidelines so that you can achieve the Best use of your time.

1- Learn the most important, then the important

Before starting any educational course or learning a new skill, determine your priorities for learning, what courses can benefit you in your work, and what are the necessary skills that, if you acquire them, will improve your income and make your performance better in providing your services with fives.

2- Overview first

Before you dive into the depths of the courses and resources, do some research on what you will learn, what are the basics of specialization that you will start with, and what are the requirements for this course, for example, if you are going to participate in one of the design courses, do you have the appropriate programs? Do your research on the field and know what you want to learn first to make it easier for you to start.

3- Join a learning group

If you find yourself learning faster with others, join a learning group to encourage each other. You can create a group on Linkedin or Facebook so that you can communicate with them and share study problems and advice with them. You can also consider it a place to archive questions and solutions for reference in time of need later.

4- Apply what you learn

If you are learning something practical or a new skill, then apply everything you learn. What is the benefit of joining a programming course and watching videos without trying to write code and solve the problems you face? Rather, you should think of more than one project of your own innovation, and by the end of the course, you will have finished implementing some of these projects.

5- Share what you learned

Nothing will benefit you more than sharing what you learn with others. If you have a blog, why not summarize what you learned from the courses you attended, sharing what you learned in itself is a gain for you in many ways. You will receive questions and inquiries about what you shared so that you can search and study better, and you will be You helped others and shortened the path for them.

6- Be curious

The nature of learning is not only in blind reception and application, but you must put your personal experience and ideas into what you learn, try different and innovative ways to apply exercises, change the rules and learn from your mistakes, and criticize and question all the details. This will indeed take a longer time, but then you will learn better.

7- Use technology

Use useful applications to take advantage of lost time in transportation and breaks, download educational applications on your phone, and take them with you everywhere, without your thoughts and notes first, so you can learn from your mistakes.

Self-learning and self-employment

In the field of self-employment, competition is intense because often no one feels accomplished and self-fulfilled except by learning and acquiring different skills every period. If you think that learning and knowledge is an evil and boring thing, then you will often not advance a step in what you do. Progress and technology are accelerating more than ever and perhaps There comes a day when you feel that your skills are of no value in the labor market. The issue of learning and developing skills has become an existential matter in our time.

As always, we would love to read your suggestions and comments on this topic🙂

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